Four experiments that can be easily done using Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink that is popular all over the world that was released in 1886. Although Coca-Cola is a drink to the last, a little experiment using Coca-ColaBuzzFeedBlueI am doing.

Coca-Cola Tricks You Need To See To Believe - YouTube

The first method is to add salt and generate carbonic acid.

Balloons and salt are prepared first.

Stuff the salt in a balloon ......

Add a balloon to the cap mouth and let the salt drip.

When salt was combined with Coke, carbonate blew intensely and the balloon swelled.

Salt seems to have a function of quickly whisking Coke.

It is famous for carbonate to rapidly foam when mentos is put in a cola, but the second is a way to make it level up further.

What to prepare is 7 mentos, paper used for tubular paper and stopper.

First of all, seven mentos are put in a cylindrical paper ... ...

Put the tube on the bottle, pull the stopper sideways, and put seven mentos at once.

The moment the paper was pulled, the cola began to spit ......

It seems that the height is over 5 meters. It will be a catastrophe when you do it indoors, so if you are going to do this experiment, it seems better to do it outdoors where there are no people.

The third is to boil a cola in a pot.

First put a cola in the pot ... ....

Stir boil and reduce the moisture quickly.

Continued stewing, the moisture has decreased, it has become as a muddy.

Completion of a semisolid object which was dark in a black state

It may be fun to lick the concentrated cola.

The fourth is an experiment of putting milk in Coke.

Although carbonic acid does not come out violently like salt and mentos ... ...

Milk protein reacts with cola acid.

In the movie, white milk is mixed in black cola and it looks like a cafe latte, but over time, a transparent yellow liquid is completed.

Because cola tastes good and can not be drunk, I feel wasteful, but it was a cola that shows quite interesting change.

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