I have been eating "eel Mashima" with Ichikiki in Nagoya waiting for over 2 hours on weekends

Although hibimushi is one of Nagoya specialties, shops that offer long queues even at shops that offer hibiscus are "Ichikiki"is. I wanted to know the taste of Nagoya's representative shop because it is within walking distance from Nagoya station so I tried to eat eel side by side in the queue.

The address of Ichibiki is "Nakamura Ward Nagamura Ward 1-3-16 Nagoya Ward, Aichi Prefecture", located 15 minutes on foot from Nagoya Station.

When visiting the shop around Saturday and Sunday at around 12, there were around 20 people in front of the shop.

Although I do not know how long it will take, I tried side by side for the time being. There was an explanation that the clerk came out on the way and said "It will be quite awaited", and the morning minute was sold out after 12:30, it did not line up in the queue.

A good smell burns the eel from the ventilation fan in front of the shop, it pours appetite very much.

I arrived at a position where we could see the baking table from outside. As eel is baked from raw, it seems to take time to serve.

One hour passed and finally inside the store.

Raw eels are prepared in front of the baking table.

It is burning with charcoal and seems to take quite a long time to bake a piece of eel.

I was guided to the table at last. At this time the time was around 13:30, I waited for about an hour and a half until I got a seat.

I got to the seat and immediately ordered the famous "Eel glaze (with soup)". There are menus such as Oyako-don and Tuna Chazuke, but most people have ordered dishes using eel.

I waited nearly an hour at the table, and the dishes finally arrived. In addition to the Unadon, apricot tofu, pickles, condiments and liver soup come along.

There are plenty of eel on top of the bowl, and it seems that there will be twice as much as the ordinary store.

Who is burned and candy, and the taste attached to moderately pours the appetite.

Looking from the side like this.

Between the eel and the rice, the glue was sandwiched.

First I tried eating from eel, the surface was fragrant with aroma of charcoal, it was moderately sweet, and while the texture made crispy, the inside was burning plumply and the taste to have people eating side by side. Not to mention compatibility with rice, the aroma of glue matches well with the taste of eel.

If you eat eel to a certain extent you tried to eat it with pepper, but the sweetness and fat content is slightly strong in the eel, so eat it and make it a refreshing taste.

Continue to change to a bowl and eat it with wedge and wedge.

Elegant taste is good even if you add cool feeling of onion and pungent horseradish. Because the quality of the eel itself is high, I do not get tired of eating with rice, but plenty of eels are on it, so it is one of the fun of Himamushi to eat with a change in taste.

If you eat half of the Unadon, add another soup and eat it.

When you eat it like ochazuke with the soup of kelp working, it feels good to eat the taste of eel and fragrance to soup stock. Because the amount of eel was quite a bit, the volume was also perfect.

The taste of ginger is effective in liver sorrow, and you can enjoy the thick taste of liver with a slightly different taste from the dashi.

Annin tofu is normal compared to the quality of other cuisine, but mouth is refreshing. The price of eel has soared, so even at specialty shops there are many cases around 2000 yen in the bowl, so the price of 3400 yen was never cheap but it was a reasonable price.

In addition, business hours of Ichibiki are from 11:30 to 13:00, and nighttime from 17:00 to 20:00. If the eel is late at noon, the business at night is closed. Since the business in the morning may not be arranged in the queue in early hours, it seems better to go early.

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