Almost tasteless Asahi drink "Super Fiber 10,000" tasting review

I tried drinking a new product "Super Fiber 10,000" from Asahi Breweries, which has been on sale since February 12. It is a concept of healthy carbonated drink that can easily take dietary fiber, calorie zero is uri.

The review is as follows.
Asahi Beverage | Product Information | Asahi Super Fiber 10,000

raw materials. It seems that a lot of dietary fiber is contained.

I poured it into a glass. The color is beautiful orange.

Carbonation is rather hard.

There is a sweetness than soda water, but you should not imagine something like a cola. Almost sweetness is zero, I do not taste. However, the tightness of carbonate is quite a bit, it is a little severe to drink. Otsuka Pharmaceutical's "Five MiniWould it be like this if you increase the amount by tightening the carbonic acid of.

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