I tried to drink "Fanta chill cold mandarin" what's cool "

I tried drinking "Fanta chill cold mandarin" released on July 10th. Fanta series are basically not placed in hot drinks but in automatic vending machines, they are placed in "Tsukemasui", so why bother to emphasize "coldness" is worrisome.

Details are as below.
When drinking all 1 bottle, it is 220 kcal.

A cap of a spiral design unique to the Fanta series.

The contents were not orange, but it was thin and muddy color like a sports drink.

The taste is thinner than ordinary fanta orange. The fragrance is oranges, but the taste is somewhat closer to lemon.

And regarding "coldness", I did not notice it when I continued drinking, but when I put a little cup, the area around the nod smells like I ate a mint confection.FantaAlso on the official website of "It is cool, after drinking it is written!", So it seems that this feeling of being soaked is named "cold".

Because it is a fairly refreshing drinking mouth, even if you are not good at ordinary Fanta series's strong taste, is not it possible to drink without fear?

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