'Afternoon Tea The Meisters Fruit Tea', which has a refreshing sweetness of 5 kinds of fruits, has appeared in the afternoon tea, so I drank it.

On April 6, 2021 (Tuesday), the new flavor ' Kirin Afternoon Tea The Meisters Fruit Tea

' will be added to the fine sugar series 'Afternoon Tea The Meisters ', which is less sweet than 'Kirin Afternoon Tea'. Has appeared. You can enjoy the taste of 5 kinds of fruits such as apples, lemons and muscats, and the original taste and richness of tea leaves, so I actually drank it to see what it tasted like.

Kirin Afternoon Tea The Meisters Fruit Tea 500ml PET Bottle

The package of 'Kirin Afternoon Tea The Meisters Fruit Tea' looks like this.

It is not as sweet as the usual afternoon tea series '

Kirin Afternoon Tea Milk Tea'. Darjeeling is used for tea leaves.

Raw materials include sugar, fruit juice (apples, lemons), and fruit extracts (strawberry, muscat, thighs).

It contains 9kcal per 100ml and 2g of sugar.

When I pour the contents into a cup, it looks like this. The scent of fruit is stronger than the scent of black tea, but it is a mixed scent that cannot be said to be '○○ is used as a fruit'.

The aroma and astringency of tea leaves that you feel for a moment when you put it in your mouth will be removed, and the refreshing aroma of fruit will remain in your mouth. Fruits do not have a sour taste such as lemon, but have a sweet taste such as thighs. Even so, the texture was smooth, and I didn't feel the sloppy feel that remains on the tongue, which is peculiar to sugar, and the finish was rugged and drinkable.

The price of 'Kirin Afternoon Tea The Meisters Fruit Tea' is 140 yen excluding tax.

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