Tasting review of ``Kirin Afternoon Tea TEA SELECTION Creamy Tea Latte'' rich and sweet with fresh cream, peach, and tea leaves

On December 5, 2023, ``Kirin Gogo no Tea TEA SELECTION Creamy Tea Latte '', which uses candy tea leaves, fresh cream, and flavors of apricot and peach, was released. It is said that you can enjoy a well-balanced 'creamy taste and gorgeous aroma', so I tried drinking it to see what it tasted like.

“Kirin Afternoon Tea TEA SELECTION Creamy Tea Latte” will be released for a limited time from December 5th (Tuesday) | 2023 | Kirin Holdings


This is 'Kirin Afternoon Tea TEA SELECTION Creamy Tea Latte'.

Ingredients include milk (raw milk), sugar, black tea (20% candy), etc.

Calories are 40kcal per 100ml. Each bottle is 400ml, so each bottle is 160kcal.

I tried it in a cup once. The scent is like a mixture of peach and black tea.

My first impression was that it was 'quite sweet'. For a moment, I felt a strong peach flavor that almost made me think it was peach juice, then immediately after that I was hit with the sweet taste of sugar and fresh cream, and finally, the taste and aroma of tea leaves blew up from behind. Although it is called a 'tea latte,' the 'latte' component is much stronger than the 'tea' component, and I felt that it was a flavor that I wanted to drink when I wanted a rich sweetness rather than a refreshing scent.

'Kirin Afternoon Tea TEA SELECTION Creamy Tea Latte' is priced at 173 yen excluding tax and is sold nationwide.

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