"Ping-Pong ball gun" of power that punches a board using a ping-pong ball

From the silver ball gun which shoots a silver ball in the worldCustom handgun that can shoot Magnum bullet for hunting ".600 NE",Gatling minigun that fires 6000 bullets per minuteIntoFull stainless steel rubber gunAlthough there are many kinds of guns, it seems that guns using ping-pong balls were made. Although it seems that it seems likely to hurt even if you hit it as a ping-pong ball, with this gun it is increasing the power to the point of piercing a hole in the board of wood pile.

Details are as below.
Lethal Pneumatic Ping Pong Ball Gun. | TINYenormous - Build it up to break it down again

This gun is a problem. The ball to use is a ping-pong ball.

Please check the state of launch from the following movie.
YouTube - lethal ping pong ball gun

Intense shooting.

There are also holes in the wood pile board ......

Meanwhile, the released ping - pong ball was also broken.

By the way, it seems that the ping - pong ball is injecting water using a syringe.
YouTube - lethal ping pong ball gun - loading balls with water

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