"Fanta tropical mango" has plenty of tropical feeling, but it gets tired a little

I bought a new release "Fanta Tropical Mango" from July 30th. It was a tropical mango-like tropical flavor, but it is a difficult place to ask if I want to drink again and again.

Details are as follows.
Raw material is like this. Energy is 500 ml and 245 kcal.

The cap is a general purpose Coca-Cola company.

I poured it into a glass. The color is colorless transparent and almost odorless. Due to the lack of time to cool down, carbonic acid is rather weak.

Viewed from the side. Water droplets stick to the glass surface and it looks cloudy.

I can feel a tropical flavor in the first mouth and then taste the mangoes firmly afterwards. It is nice to not only sweet but also delicate sour taste. However, it is also a taste coming when you drink for a long time. Because of the high reproducibility of the mango, a unique vegetable oil seems to emerge, so people who are not good at it may be bad. Also, it is regrettable that the label itself is appealing quite tropical but the liquid itself is colorless and transparent so it is not tasty. It is awkward if it is a strange color, is not it like a mango-like yellow or orange color looked better?

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