A review that I checked with a thermography camera to see how much it cools by wearing ``water cooling clothes DIRECT COOL'' that cools the body with the power of cold water

After confirming the mechanism of 'water cooling clothes DIRECT COOL' that cools the back with water cooling instead of air cooling, I decided to wear it to see how long the coolness actually lasts.

Yamazen water cooling clothes

Set the plastic bottle just taken out of the freezer in the tank.

Firmly close the tank cap.

When you turn on the switch, the water starts circulating. The operation sound where the switch is actually turned on and the water circulates is like this.

'Water-cooled clothing DIRECT COOL' switch-on - operation start movie - YouTube

Operation sound is around 50dB. Like a pump in a goldfish aquarium, the sound of `` bubu bubu ... '' continues continuously, and when you move your body, the flow of water changes and you hear a water sound like `` chapon ''. If you're in a quiet environment, you'll hear the sound all the time, but if you're in a coffee shop with people talking, or an environment with light background music, it's drowned out. Also, the wearer himself gradually becomes accustomed to the sound, so he no longer knows whether he is continuing to drive.

Two to three minutes after the start of operation, water droplets began to form around the pipes due to the large temperature difference between the room temperature and the circulating water.

When checking with the infrared thermography camera '

FLIR i3 ', the temperature looks like this. You can see that the pipe part is considerably cold.

The body before wearing is like this. The center of the back is about 28.5°C above the clothes.

And where I carried the water cooling clothes. The outside of the bag is about 23°C.

As a result of actually wearing 'Water cooling clothes DIRECT COOL', the feeling of 'coolness' lasted for more than 3 hours. According to the official website, the cooling effect is 'about 2 to 3.5 hours with one 650 ml plastic bottle and general specifications (DC-B01S)'. This is the time when the usage environment is 33°C, the humidity is 70%, and the water temperature in the tank is 26.9°C or less.

The cooling effect is lost because the temperature of the PET bottle in the tank rises and the circulating water cannot be cooled sufficiently, so if the PET bottle is replaced, it will become cool again. On the left, when the PET bottle became lukewarm and the operation was temporarily stopped, the pipe temperature was about 16.6°C. On the right, about 7 minutes after replacing with a frozen PET bottle, it dropped to 9°C.

The PET bottle after replacement is drinkable for the time being, but since the coldness is completely deprived, it may not be the state you want to drink so much.

The continuous operation time when the battery was used as it was was more than 8 hours in 'continuous operation mode'. This exceeds the 'about 7 hours' stated in the spec sheet. In addition to the 'continuous operation mode' in which the pump continues to operate at all times, the 'middle operation mode' operates the pump for 20 seconds and then stops for 45 seconds, and operates the pump for 20 seconds and then stops for 1 minute and 30 seconds. There is a 'long driving mode', and it is not impossible to keep the body cool all day long.

When cleaning, remove the battery first.

Next, pull out the power cable that was connected to the battery to the pocket on the upper back.

In addition, remove both pipes connected to the pump. One has a spring.

After removing the pump from the pipe, take it out of the storage space and slowly pull out the connected power cable.

Next, remove the two hook-and-loop fasteners fixing the top of the tank.

Remove the pipe behind the tank. Since it is firmly inserted, it will not come out unless you apply considerable force.

Remove the tank cap by passing through the rubber around it.

Now you can pull the tank out and take it apart.

After that, it is OK if you dry each in the shade. When drying the tank, put an empty plastic bottle in it so it dries faster.

After using it for a few days, it consistently produced the same effect as applying a frozen ice pack to the nape of the neck. Ice packs can make your neck drenched, but you don't have to worry about that. It is also a good place to restore the cold as soon as you replace the plastic bottle.

On the other hand, it's like carrying a plastic bottle on your back all the time, so you need to put a separate cushion or something in order to lean on your back firmly. Also, it is somewhat difficult to carry a backpack over a water-cooled suit. For this reason, daily use such as ``I want to get cool even when I go out for a short time'' seemed difficult, but it should be able to fully demonstrate its power in the office or workplace.

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