'Dragon Quest' 3DCG animation movie making decided, 'Dragon Quest V in the sky bride' based work

It was announced that the popular RPG series "Dragon Quest" was decided to 3DCG animated film. The general manager is Takashi Yamazaki who worked on 'ALWAYS Sanchome no Sunset', 'Eternity 0', and the title is " DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY ". According to Yousezaki general director and Yuji Horii of the original work supervised, it seems to be a work based on "Dragon Quest V V-sky bride".


Although it is not revealed what kind of story the work will be concretely, Mr. Horii is a story with two pillars of Dorakue V as "piercing the demon over three generations and parents" and "choosing a marriage partner" "There are parts that are different in movies and games, but I think that it is addicted to the title" Your Story "," I think.

Director Yamazaki said, "Life itself is drawn in" Dragon Quest V. "So I am thinking of making this work a youth movie."

The script is in charge of general manager Yamazaki. Directed by Mr. Shin Hanabusi who was involved in "STAND BY ME Doraemon" and Mr. Ryuichi Yagi who co-directed with Yamazaki General Director with two films CG animation film "STAND BY ME Doraemon" and "STAND BY ME Doraemon" I will be in charge in cooperation.

Music is the same as the original game, Mr. Koichi Koyama.

The harsh fate that the hero walks in "Dragon Quest V" may be for dramatic and movie but at the same time it is a work known also as a heroine controversy, and I wonder how the area will be drawn It will be.

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