Will Apple announce the paid subscription service of the news 'Netflix's magazine version' at the event held in March 2019

BuzzFeed of foreign media reports that Apple plans to hold a special event in March of 2019. This event focuses on Apple's service business, and it seems that there is some announcement about Apple's " paid subscription service of news " that has been reported before especially.

Apple Event Planned For March 25 Around A News Subscription Product

Apple is reportedly planning a March 25th event for its subscription news service - The Verge

According to testimonies BuzzFeed got from sources, Apple plans to hold on March 25, 2019 at the Apple Park's Steve Jobs Theater. Apple has done an event focusing on the iPad every March in the past, but this presentation is not expected to be announced on hardware such as the new iPad mini, AirPod 2 , AirPower . Information sources also avoid mentioning video streaming services that had reported that "Apple is steadily preparing for the launch in 2019".

by Justin Ormont

And "BuzzFeed reports that" formal announcement will be held at this event on Apple's paid subscription service previously reported. Since Apple was reported to have acquired Texture , which provides digital magazine subscription services in May 2018, Apple's magazine paid subscription service was rumored. Also, according to 9to5mac dealing with Apple-related news, iOS 12.2 Beta 1 released for developers included paid subscription service of "Apple News Magazines" newspaper and magazine. From this, it is expected that Apple is likely to offer subscription type news services within 2019.

Meanwhile, in starting this paid subscription service, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that Apple has not consulted with partner publishers regarding revenue division of services. According to WSJ, a $ 10 (about 1100 yen) monthly fee for using the service of "Apple News Magazines" is being considered, 50% of which is taken for Apple and the remainder is distributed by publisher Seems to be, some publishers strongly opposed and did not comply with the plan.

The Verge of foreign media speculates that Apple will be focusing on paid subscription services such as "Apple News Magazines" and video streaming services, following the sluggish sales of the iPhone .

In addition, BuzzFeed asked Apple for comment, but the answer was that he was refused.

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