As a topic that the idea of power technique to 'shoot with green whole body tights' to bring real objects to the virtual world can be a historical turning point

The activity of Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) which performs various delivery while moving a 3D avatar using motion capture has an infinite possibility by setting the world in the electronic brain world, while bringing in real objects and utilizing it There was a difficult thing. Meanwhile, I will experiment the idea to solve with a power technique called "Can carry real things with virtual body if motion capture and permeation are performed while wearing green whole body tights and carry real things" The movie has been released as a hot topic by Tsunotsuto .

You can see in real life the way you actually lift and knock real objects with the virtual body in the following movie.

Up to now, "a method of bringing real objects into virtual space" was being studied. As an example, Twins' VTuber · お め はSisters has practiced the method using 3D scan with the following movie.

I scanned Gundam for 3D screens and tried Gundam fight - YouTube

In the movie, first of all, Gundam's plastic model (Gundam) will be created, but the contents of the plastic model are introduced with still images. It is skillfully edited as if the Gundam model itself appeared in the virtual world, but it is just a capture of a picture, you can not assemble a gundam directly in the virtual world.

And finished gundam is done by doing 3D scan. Although it is an innovative project that brings real objects to the virtual world, there are limits to simple scanning with the application, and it means "It was different from what I thought".

In this way, in order to bring real objects to the virtual world, as one of "Introduction with still images", "3Dization with rough scanning of repeatability" or "3D modeling exactly like real life" was used, Natsuto announced on Twitter the following movie.

Amazon's cardboard is lifted by 3D avatar. The background is real outdoors, the one that is moving is the avatar in 3D, the one with the cardboard is what it is synthesizing with the room, and how much what is synthesized It is quite difficult to understand the mechanism by looking at it.

It is like throwing cardboard and playing. In still images it is difficult to produce a stereoscopic effect and it can not be handled with it and it can not be played and it was difficult to reflect the small movement that the lid opens and closes also in 3D scanning and modeling, In the movie, the virtual existence and the real item merge smoothly.

In a movie posted as "Test 2 to bring an actual thing to an avatar", this also captures the feeling of the towel's shimmer which is difficult to reproduce 3D.

Also, in scanning and modeling it is quite difficult to deform the object deeply, but in this way it's easy to fold the towel.

These movies are centered on the idea of " chroma key composition " that makes certain colors transparent and synthesizes different images there. In order to capture a real object into the virtual world, it is necessary to shoot a target item on a green background (greenback) and to transmit green. In order to further move the item furthermore, it adopts a means of "photographing with green full-body tights and passing through their own appearance".

It seems to be a power skill already used in other fields, but it became a topic that it was just a simple "Columbus egg" idea that nobody could think of as simple. Popular cat ears VTuber · cute movement Norakyatto to operate the wild cat P -san, has been praised as "VTuber is it break through that so that it is the reality of the article reviews and introduction".

In this idea it is only transparent through the green background and the whole body tights, so it was a difficulty to see a black tracker that senses the movement of the hand ... ...

This is also solved by force technique that paints the tracker in green.

It was done until the creation of a green tracker by volunteers.

Like VTuber, shooting movies with 3D avatar fashion is still short history, new ideas and platforms are appearing more and more in various forms. The idea of the whole body tights of this time can also be expected to penetrate as a standard of VTuber at the end of being refined more in the future.

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