JOJO OP etc Talk event report that people talked hotly about the production secret story of original long feature animation "COCOLORS" by Kamikaze movie famous for high quality short movie

Opening images of anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" series and "Miku Hiko Harima Sakura"It is known that making CG animation transcend animationKamikaze videois. Such a Kamikaze movie is about to start as well as a short movie such as animation opening, music video, CM etc ... So I started with project "GASOLINE MASK"In the original work that CG and prints achieve a miraculous fusion"COCOLORS"We are making intensive work. It is COCOLORS still in a state of being enveloped in a mystery but the production teamMachi ★ Asobi vol.15He told us how to participate in the process and how to make high quality original works.

Kamikaze video

The name of the meeting is "COCOLORS (Cocalas) intermediate reporting meeting", so starting with ufotable CINEMA Theater 2.

From the left, Mr. Takuya Miyashita of Director, Toshihisa Yokojima, Planning / Public Relations, Producer Shimizu Kazuya from the left

So, first of all, there are many people nice to meet you, so from the introduction of the director. Mr. Yokojima who is the coach of COCOLORS is a person who has worked on MV of "EXILE" for the future to be loved "and" Movie of "Dragon Quest IX - Hoshioka Mamoribai ~" opening movie, "FINAL FANTASY TACTICS Lion War" .

Although he was introduced as "a proficiency school that handles a wide range of MVs, game movies, and commercials," the director told me, "I pride themselves on being involved in both the Dragon Quest series and the FF series."

EXILE "Move to the future to love" MV can be seen from the following.

EXILE / "To the Loving Future" - YouTube

Next about the formation of the plan. Kamikaze videos in the last time and last time's gore ★ Asobi did the presentation about "GASOLINE MASK" project and "COCOLORS", but how much are those who came last time in the first place? As I asked the venue question, half of the whole was raising hands.

First of all, Kamikaze Movie started with activities by Mr. Mizusaki Junpei, the representative director, with Mr. Daisuke Arashiki and Shuhei Morita. "Gasoline mask" will be made by doing character things in CG in 1998, after that, Kamikaze video will also be incorporated into corporation. Such a Kamikaze movie's moral is that "compromise is death", and seems to have challenged several new things so far not to be ashamed of this.

Such a Kamikaze movie is trying to challenge newly "feature animation". "Gasoline mask" that the meaning to do itself is meaningful at the stage before the first corporatization is reborn as a feature project "GASOLINE MASK" by the now grown Kamikaze movie. However, there seems to be no great relevance to the work itself. And it was Yokoshima director who took a voice as I tried to draw a story to create one work as a "GASOLINE MASK" project.

In addition, Director Yokohama wanted to make feature animation besides short movies such as PV, thinking that he retired Kamikaze movie just before the director's story of "COCOLORS" came. However, at that time, it seems that Mr. Mizusaki of the representative director gave a strange experience that it is said that "There is a long film!" And it will come back to the Kamikaze movie after all. It seems that Miyashita who was a public relations advisor who did not know the venue did not know either.

In response to the question "Is it difficult for a long film in CG?", Yokoshima answered, "It takes a great cost to make characters with CG." By modeling the character and setting up the setup so that it can move, the animator will finally be able to move. However, when it comes to stories, in most cases there are more than one character, and if it becomes a new feature in the first place, I want to give out a mob ... .... It will be tough to do something.

The idea that came out there is masked like the original gasoline mask! something like. The first generation seems to be the idea of ​​"It's tough to cover the mask!"

Here is the introduction of Mr. Suzuki, character design, once the talk switches. In addition to character designs such as Dragon Quest series and "Black Cat's Wiz", he is also an art director, "It is a designer that draws the feeling of air that can be perceived by information from the visual sense with information from the vision".

The main characters "Aki" and "Fuyu" designed by Mr. Tadashi Suzuki. It seems that it is almost similar to the decided manuscript although it is written "first rough".

Character body made based on hero

This is an adult version.

Although there are various variations, by making it to a character wearing a mask to the last, it made it possible to create various characters relatively easily from the elementary base. Since all the appearing characters are wearing a mask, there is no fine part such as face and hair, but it seems that you can concentrate on moving the character, but in fact from the field side where you can move, there is no change in detail parts It is very difficult because it is necessary to express the emotions of the characters with.

Director Yokojima Iwaku, there are many similar parts in woodcut prints and animations which are made by motifs in this work, for example, the contour line in the anime is also in the prints, how to make a picture that overlays Photoshop layers It is said that it is done also in printmaking. Therefore, "COCOLORS" is working on the challenge "to put a print-like expression on the animation side". In short, this challenge seems to be "I wish I could animate with a line like printmaking."

Director Yokohama and Shimizu Producers seem to be checking the texture that printed the prints. "COCOLORS" printed on prints actually shown at the venue.

In addition, Shimizu producer who also watched various animations as much as having been coming to gore ★ Asobi privately also said, "I have never seen such an animation that looked like this," and in the morning that "COCOLORS" was completed He told me that it would be an image that no one had seen.

For that reason, "COCOLORS" points to two points: "Drawing modern print expressions in animation" and "Depth resulting from masks to wear masks".

And what kind of world is "COCOLORS"?

It seems that Yokohama picks up what looks interesting by turning around various places and the foundation of the world view is made. For example, in Utsunomiya city, Tochigi prefectureOtani Museum of ArtIt seems that it is a stone place made with human hands, from which the underground world of "COCOLORS" is born. Furthermore, a looking building like a spaceship in Yurihonso City, Akita prefecture "CadareIt is also inspired to be.

"COCOLORS" is made with the concept of the world where a rapid environmental change has occurred, and the world view is designed with the setting "digging the ground from the ground to the underground along with change". So, there are very organic places in the basement, but there seems to be a place where the organic design and the inorganic design mixed in the middle point. In other words, the underground world of "COCOLORS" was created with reference to the organic design Oishi stone quarry and inorganic design Kadare.

An interesting point of "COCOLORS" is that works of art original maps precede normal animation. Normally, multiple tasks are performed in parallel, but in "COCOLORS", the original drawing team, mainly Mr. Hashiguchi, is undertaking while making the world view of this work. For this reason, the original masterpiece of the whole cut is completed, and before you enter the animation work, you can see the full story in a form closer to the finished figure. For this, Shimizu producer said "I think it is a way to make it more than theatrical version".

That's why the completed world view rough part 1 is kore.

Ruff plus the sense of life in the first one. By this stage it is still too dragged by the image of "Otani stone museum" and "Kadare" ... ...

It is this that Mr. Hashiguchi Koji of art masterpiece made it as he liked himself. Although the image changed at a stretch, it seems that the director was finished in conviction that "the character which Suzuki san drew in this case is running," this time.

And what I actually tell you how to make it. The background rough that comes up first ... ...

Brush up the line ......

I will increase this amount of writing.

Finally the background is completed by coloring this.

There are a lot of backgrounds made in such a way. Torii motif thing ... ....

In a complicated city

This is a funeral home.

The funeral home is designed to look like a skull as the original is flipped upside down.

Besides, when creating a character, he seems to have created a hero figure to grasp the details.

Three-dimensional by this detail until it reaches the details. Bing will be transmitted that it is a great completion degree.

Furthermore, it is an object like a Buddha image made by gathering things like gears and pipes, made by asking the artist Koji Kamada who appeared in the last talk show. When I asked Mr. Kamada to make this, the director ordered only two points, "Modeling that makes me feel physical" and "I want you to add something like the heart", but the completion is overwhelmingly raw It is finished in what has.

Hashiguchi gave Mr. Hashiguchi a copy on the original, and when I put it in a picture, it looks like this. Anyway, I will have an overwhelming presence in both paintings and three-dimensional objects.

So it's time to up here. At the end, the same tooth movie as the one screened at the last gore ★ Assobi was screened. In this movie, there were several backgrounds etc. that were told in this interim report, and after listening to the background, I was able to enjoy the picture from a different perspective again.

GASOLINE MASK Project 2nd "COCOLORS" Tiza Movie - YouTube

It was May that the movie was released at Machi ★ Asobi, but this movie seems to have been made by a rush work together with newcomers who just joined the Kamikaze movie in the same year of the same year. What kind of quality will be the main video which is currently being acclaimed for production ...... expectation will swell.

In the Kamikaze video, a sales booth also exhibited ... ...

Here is also a poster of "COCOLORS" so it's necessary to check it.

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