Fate / stay night [UBW] art, photography, production staff gathered together and made a story behind the production "Fate / stay night [UBW]] (~ ed: Completed form)" Seminar repo

"October 10 to October 12 held in Tokushima city"Machi ★ Asobi vol.15", A number of talk events of anime related persons who can not usually hear it were held. From the afternoon of October 11th "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]In celebration of the end of the broadcasting of the "Creating Fate / stay night [UBW]" (~ ed: Completed form) "Digital Creators Human Resources Discovery Seminar was held.

Digital Creator Human Resources Discovery Seminar Fate / stay night [UBW] was made. (~ Ed: Completion form) Machi ★ Asobi

Created Fate / stay night [UBW] (~ ed: Completed) (Digital Creator Human Resources Discovery Seminar) :: Public Interest Foundation Tokushima Industry Promotion Organization

The venue is the Awashin Hall next to the Shibahama Park along the Shinmachi River.

The Digital Creator Human Resources Discovery Seminar was held at the small hall on the 5th floor.

A lot of people are queuing and waiting one hour before the start.

The row was still stretched by turning around the corner of the passage.

When opening, seats for 150 staff members buried in a blink of an eye, and additional chairs were lined up behind the venue.

First of all, playing of a special movie of Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] made for the seminar.

Continuing to produce "Fate / stay night [UBW] (ing: present progressive type)" held last year at Machi ★ Asobi vol.13, Mr. Kohno Kondo, art director Mr. Koji Eto, Director of Photography Mr. Yuichi Terio attended as a lecturer. Kondo Producer asked, "Is there anybody who has moved from the talk stage we did in the morning at Mount Bizan," a lot of hands came from the audience seats, and the instructors are surprised that the teachers are surprised that "everyone is too crazy!"

Fate / stay night [UBW], during the production of "Fate / Zero" of the previous work, no talk has appeared at all, TYPE-MOON 10th anniversary commemorationTYPE-MOON Fes.It is said that the project started from the original author Nara Mushiko at the venue saying "I want to see Fate / stay night made by ufotable who was in charge of the opening movie of the game!" An explanation will be made while making a picture story from the production decision and seeing the flow of how concretely how it was put in the work of the broadcast stage, while viewing the handouts. In addition, this booklet is attentive to Terio's attitude, it seems that it is set to fit in Blu - ray BOX of Fate / stay night.

First of all, Mr. Eto of art director will explain "What is the art director doing?" I draw 300 to 400 image boards as the base of animation background for each work, and work to make a guideline for the background of the work, draw on what will be the sample of the background appearing in the work and add color It is said that they are doing work called.

Work as a film director of Mr. Terio is "to organize various materials at the end", after collecting the storyboard, finally collect and adjust all the materials divided into 3, "background" "CG" "drawing" work. Drawing on paper and background with digital paint, work environment is different, so if you put CG on it, it will be messed up as a picture from the difference in texture, but if it is Fate "Fate's picture" It is photography director's mission to repeat small fine adjustments at the time of shooting so as to become one world view so as to become. While sessions with director and director, I heard that they will talk about "Is the air feeling of this work like this?"

In addition, a picture comparing Saber's summon scene of Fate / Zero and Fate / stay night was shot before and after shooting. This is before shooting.

This is after shooting, Fate / stay night comes out in front of Saber's blond hair and skin color. Fate / stay night seems to have been careful to match the characters to the details of the background, as the character was properly drunk by the heavy thickness of the work and was in the background.

While playing the movie explaining the shooting process, Mr. Terao does not know how much animation is made to the audience of the venue, but knowing more about what you like is more than when you did not know it Telling that there is something to be said, "Can you enjoy deeper by knowing how you are looking at animated images and where you are feeling inspiring and knowing where you are coming from? was doing.

Kondo producer is consulted with the theme of this digital creator course "Let's leave the Tokushima", although the difficulty of the site is a part that the customer does not know, but even two people alone from the venue But I told you I wish you could enter the industry. People who actually joined ufotable from students of digital creator training courses for elementary and junior high school students are also appearing.

Subsequently, the background work Mr. Eto made was played one after the other from the "sky boundary" to "Fate / stay night".

From the sky boundary to Fate / Zero, Mr. Eto seems to have made a stage like the picture. However, even though you told me that everyone seems to be in the picture, I thought that I thought that "I can only draw pictures" was born.

For example, in a scene of a night view of a building, I drew fine details to the back of the building ... ...

It seems that Fate / stay night has adjusted to a way to reduce the details of the picture and make the character stand out from the feeling that he wants to increase the drawers inside of himself. If it is an empty boundary, it was made about 4 days or so and I wrote that the deepest part was blurred with dots and made at a speed not taking real day.

Mr. Eto's remarks that the scenes below are actually not taking one day, from the venue, "Surprised ......" surprised voice came up. Mr. Terao said that "The team of art is specialized in" to quickly draw "" There is a comment, the difference between a professional and an amateur is that you can control time, professional can work in one day is limited All instructors agree that it is. Mr. Eto told me that it took time to art of # 00 and # 01 of Fate / stay night, and finished as a better feeling than # 00 though the last story did not take much time.

Explanation of changing the method of art from Fate / Zero to Fate / stay night. It seems that Fate / Zero has drawn fine shadows of leaves painted with purple.

In Fate / stay night, it is said that the shadow portion is painted as a single catch and processed. In animation, the screen changes in 1 second to 2 seconds, so it seems that there are cases in which it is effective to make it easier to understand bright and dark surfaces in the eyes. Since the background is also for standing up the character, I imagine the completed form before drawing, show it when it shows it, make it look like it hits the point of the light to the noticeable part so that the eyes will not go out where it can not be seen , There was a commentary.

Mr. Eto said "It was hardest at Fate / stay night", the cityscape of London.

Because the London skyline was drawn intensively, it seems to have worked until one day before the deadline. In the absence of materials, it was made by handwriting perfectly with reference to Nasu's traveling videos of London. In London in the era when it was difficult to order information and the stage of the work, in fact it seems that some skyscrapers are not yet built. "I would like to take a good picture if I take you to London, I wish I had a schedule for six months ...", Kondo producer said that "It looks like forever," realistic comment.

The direction of the light source is totally different in the morning and the evening, so when you look at the falling shade of the building, you can see the shadow changes in shallow evening and deep evening, so be sure to pause and stop by Blu-ray I want it.

Before moving on to the next theme, a question corner was set up. The question to Mr. Terao was "I understood how to spark and smoke, afterimages, etc. more and more in shooting, how can we make each spark or explosion?"

Work landscape of berserker warfare was played by actually seeing the order of shooting. "Berserker swiftly swings a large weapon would cause dust to happen" so that wind pressure materials, smoke and earth and sand are made, and about 100 sheets of layers are stacked one by one. Although it was difficult to make rotating smoke so far, it seems that you are using a lot of berserker warfare as you can now use a swirl-like smoke effect. Smoke is made with CG, and it is said that they are actually processing stuff taken with smoke at the roof of a building with a studio.

The background of the opening is hidden with clouds and title logo, but in fact it seems to be drawing firmly.

It seems that the work has just started and there were hardly any pictures that can be referred to, so we repeatedly retried. Besides, as for the cut which Archer and Shiro face each other at the opening of the second season, since Shiro becomes a silhouette when adding smoke according to the background, only the upper body can see how often He also said he had fixed it many times.

Kondo producer said, "ufotable said clouds are beautiful, but we are doing various things like painting in the background, doing it in 3D, recently showcasing the amazing order that mix background texture with 3D" . Currently 3D materials are made by people in the digital division, but how about art in art 3D? It seems that the challenge has begun.

Here Toshiyuki Shirai, Mr. Takashi Sushara, Director Takahiro Miura, who was in charge of drawing contests / director of Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] attended. What is the directing art from Mr. Miura? I have to calculate the personality and competence of the staff from the stage of drawing the contest, but before the container is made, it is truly that the picture like "It will be like" is finished, it is said that Miura Mr. While all the arts are high in quality, there are occasionally one blunt thing mixed up, it seems that it was mostly made by Mr. Eto.

Shirai says that Gil is sucked into Holy Grail 's hole in the impression of Shiro vs. Gilgamesh in the final round as a Holy Grail War, and it is surprising that something beyond imagination has been completed. In the scene where Rin to Archer leaves in the impression by art, it seems that it became a deep emotion, "I guess I made UBW for this scene."

As a comment from art and photography to director and director, Mr. Eto is a scene where a sword sticks to the ground in the battle of Berserker and fragments scatter and the scene where the debris scatters, "If you do not draw it as it will not be visible," director I talked about the episode that said "You have to draw properly". Mr. Miura would like me to draw the background firmly, but even though I have ordered materials but actually I do not use it, I hesitate to comment.

Mr. Teruo commented that Mr. Suhara informed me of the condition of the blur condition of the background. In the first rush it is said that "the width of the blurred background is large" and if it is adjusted, in the next rush it is said to be "a little less", and if you come to see the work directly, the picture closer to the first state I was told that there was a thing I thought "It was good with the first picture!" After it was completed.

Also, as Miura and three others are director and director and at the same time an amazing animator, it is said that the name suddenly began drawing near the final story suddenly and the credit also has the name as the original picture charge. Miura says, "When I heard the story of the people who became coach," hey, there are many types called "scenes there," but I guess myself will be like that as well " It was.

Next, the inside of the ufotable company shot by Mr. Terao was projected. The following picture shows the ufotable cafe in Tokushima from the top, the room shown in the upper left is the drawing room. It seems that it expresses as "repeated melting" that many cuts reaches hundreds of sheets when making an animation, for example, the scene that Lancer and Archer fight in front of the church is about 1 minute More than 3000 sheets have melted in the cut. Besides, it seems that the scene where Gayborg flies with Gyun has reached the number of cuts for one general animation.

Finally a question corner was set up again. According to the question "How to balance the new challenge and working as planned with the previous technology?", Mr. Terao said "I have to take this far" Preparing to deliver to the editing, advancing the adjustment until it is said that it is not good, answering that they are working while talking with the editorial staff after a bit ... .... Kondo producer said that he wanted to see it because there are cuts that are further brushed up with Blu - ray. "Especially the berserker game is being brushed up", but it is said that the tremendous battle scene is further evolving ... ....

Since it is a digital creators talent exploration seminar, I was recruited for a question of the student who wants to enter the industry. In the question "What motivated Mr. Terao to be interested in shooting?" I was not thinking of becoming a filming director, but in the era when video production was a tremendous professional technology, everyone who entered university It seems that it was triggered by the fact that the environment of being able to actually produce images could be prepared if deaf had been thought. It is interesting that university has a lot of paintings and actors, and it was interesting that it was interesting that various people cooperation could make the picture if synthesis technology could be used, and work of combining materials with Adobe After Effects was the core of Mr. Terao. "As words are coming later, there was advice that I think that it would be good to start making something works."

The next question is from a student who attends arts university, "I draw a picture everyday, but I think that I want to refine the observation by doing some work and Mr. Eto see how long it takes to draw Was it questionable? " Mr. Eto never did a drawing, he seems to have learned art from the state without anything after leaving the animation company and learned with the body. It is said that drawing will become necessary to look at things every day and to capture the sense of pars instantaneously. From Kondo producer, there was a story that I should draw something I would like to express rather than draw a picture to remember the drawing.

Finally Mr. Eto said, "I am pleased that animation is a leading character in character but I am fortunate to know that it is struggling to make this way with love," he said, The meeting was closed.

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