A precious painting story was dealt and the blue sky animation classroom was exactly "Fate / stay night [UBW]" staff talk event

Broadcast of 2nd season began April 4, 2015 "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]"Was held at Tokushima"Machi ★ Asobi vol.14"so"Real time listening"And" # 16 original edition screening "and other events centered on screening. Not only the screening ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Staff Talk Event

Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] held on the last day of Machi ★ Asobi vol.14 Staff talk event will be hosted by Aniplex's Yuma Takahashi and ufotable Kondo Producer.

Following Ms. Takahashi and Kondo Producer, Takayuki Mogi and Mr. Uchimura Hidako of the original drawing appeared from the Tokushima studio of ufortable.

For event participants, Fate / stay night [UBW] # 01 and ...

A copy of the picture story # 015 is distributed, and the talk is advanced while watching this.

A storyboard is made before photographing video works such as animation and movies and explains the detail of one cut. For example, in the picture story # 015, an illustration in which the face of Ilya is up is drawn, and on the right side there is an explanation of the movement "I raise my face slowly and blood will bloom to the ground" and ... "... that ... There is a line that says "I love you, I love you" ".

Mr. Mogi is in charge of the original picture of the cut fighting with Shimiya Minemiya and Lancer # 01. When I was in charge I focused particularly on the "expression of magical power" part, and when I look at the completed animation, the magical power seems like CG, but in fact I was revealed to be hand-drawn. It is in ufotable that attention to hand-drawn is to add various elements from the top of hand-drawn, it seems to drop in thinking the balance between the way of expression correct for the work and the things the staff wants to do.

The number "0 + 12" written on the right edge of the storyboard means "0 second 12 frames", not a frame, that is, a measure of 0.5 seconds. Let's express what is drawn in the storyboard during "0 second 12 frames".

You can see that something like an onomatopoeic of movement such as "!" "Bag" "Girinut" "Burn" is written in the storyboard of # 01. This was written at the time of the meeting, "This poster is a bag, the spirit hits the girls, the poster becomes just paper with Burn" was written, the atmosphere of the meeting where feelings entered It is transmitted.

An original picture for one page of storybook is created over about three days, but when it comes to pictures it will only be 3 seconds 18 pictures per storyboard story. How much time will it take to make a story that is twenty minutes ...?

According to Mr. Motegi, in a few seconds it says what I'd like to do, such as "the technique I used by my favorite animator". By the way, Mogi's favorite animation is "STAR DRIVER Tact of shineIt seems that there are things that refer to the effect that is used especially in the same work in the work called "the work.

Mr. Uchimura is in charge of the scene where Iliya scrambled as he was stuck in a berserker of # 15 of Fate / stay night [UBW]. It is a terrible scene for the fans, but revealed the story that they were having fun while thinking "how much embarrassment of the fans can be gained", the venue was surrounded by burst of laughter at this.

Uchimura-san's scene was partially blackened at the time of broadcasting, but you can enjoy unprocessed video in the packaged version. Also, in "Fate / stay night [UBW]" scenes where large amounts of effects such as "Archer vs. Lancer Battle" are used appears, but at the time of broadcasting the color is dropped. This seems to be able to see unprocessed vivid images in the package version as well.

During the talk, a valuable picture after the drawing manager's amendment was released. The following is Ilya holding the hand of Berserker who is bloody.

Ilya, who was blinded by the hand of Gilgamesh. This is the scene that Mr. Uchimura was in charge, and the fans' screams are transmitted to here as well.

This is also Ilia of the scene that Mr. Uchimura was in charge of.

Here the ufotable Tokushima studio staff arrived. There are several people from Tokushima from the staff, and new and excellent talents are appearing one after another from Kondo producer's birthplace.

According to the staff, most of the people at the Tokushima studio are in charge of drawing and the atmosphere in the workplace is friendly. The technology of Tokushima Staff is remarkable growth, "Shake this to Tokushima," sometimes the Miura Takahiro director himself appoints himself.

At the end of the talk show, the staff members 'colloquial texts made from the Tokushima studio' s desire to "present something to participants" were sent to participants.

Since there is only one colored paper with a scribbled poster, a giant poster that stretches it is also given. In addition, six copies of the draft were prepared, and it was decided to be presented to a total of eight people.

The present is decided by Janken.

The winning figure comes up to the stage and decides to allocate gifts by further performing a janken. As a precious thing, Janken was the winner of the Tokushima staff vs. customers.

The talk show is over when the winner of the gift is decided. Talk was exactly like a blue sky animation classroom, and my ears kept leaning in stories that I would not normally know. In addition, after the talk show, "Fate / stay night [UBW]" related itemCharity auction where there was ultra-high settlementAs it was done, please also check there

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