The 6th real-time viewing party watching the preparedness fight by Shiro and Archer of "Fate / stay night [UBW]"

Events for collecting and listening to real time "Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]" currently being broadcasted were held at ufotable cafe in Nakano Nakata and ufotable CINEMA in Tokushima city. This is the seventh event of the same type, it is the third time since entering the 2nd season. About 100 people gathered in the midnight cafe this time and watched the # 20 "Unlimited Blade Works" in the same space, watching Shiro and Archer's battle.

Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]

Uufotable cafe until June 7Eighth Fate / stay night cafeOngoing

Inside the store, we saw the purchase of goods and food and drinks along with acceptance of entrance and payment of membership fee. Because it is a system that increases the probability of winning goods for each fixed price purchase, also the figure of a person who gets a long receipt.

In addition, pre-sale of goods will be done at real time viewing party. This time I sold a notebook "Screen book" (400 yen) which designed the cover of the script. It is the design of # 02 · # 05 · # 14.

For "Luncheon Mat Case" (500 yen) to store the lunch mat, the one of the # 15 design which I watched at the last time (the 5th) real time viewing party was released.

Of course, reservation reception of BD - BOX vol. II is also done. The purchase privilege of ufotable is a storyboard complete of the number of stories in the 2nd season, which Miura Takahiro coached, the first one.

The second one is a masterpiece collection of the cafe gallery in the 2nd season.

The third one is a postcard with 2nd season staff autograph autographed.

In addition, BOX I and II, as well as a BOX capable of storing ufotable benefits follow as BOX I & II's interlocking benefits.

While doing so, 10 minutes remaining until the start of the broadcast. Kondo producer and Takashi Suzuhara who was in charge of the # 20 directing and picture contest to be broadcast appeared and briefly greeted. Mr. Suhara remained in this place and decided to see # 20 watching everyone's reaction.

Before the broadcast, connect with Tokushima with Skype and commemorate the photo together.

Broadcasting began on Saturday, May 23 at 24 o'clock. Aban title fights with Shiro and Archer, following the previous story "Koe hee of ideals".

Because it was a tense scene, when the title logo was displayed at the end of the Aban title and entered the CM, I saw the appearance of a person who breathes "Fuu ~".

The subtitle of # 20 is "Unlimited Blade Works". It is the same as the subtitle of the work, so that the production staff did not get out of power.

As for the number of this story, the story of Lancer and Rin is proceeding at the same time as the battle between Shiro and Archer drawn by Aban title. Lancer's coolness ... ....

Meanwhile, Shinji is amazed at that Lancer. Laughter was happening in that miserable form.

And when the scene changes, Shiro and Archer are fighting fierce fighting.

In the second half, the cafe is in a very quiet space with so many people.

At the most exciting point, Aimer's "Last Stardust" has flowed, but this song was originally prepared for the theme song, and it seems that something newly added lyrics for this scene is used . However, it seems that there are several cuts that suppressed the brightness according to regulations on the broadcast only for a fancy battle, and it was that he wants full battle to be enjoyed by BD.

Mr. Suhara (second from the right) is watching, # 20 is over.

Becoming the offering screen, it finally got to feel like straining the tension. Everyone was concentrating on the screen to the extent that it could be said that "watching over burning spirits" is this.

By the way, at this time the place was not a cafe, but the production team also saw it together in real time.

Mr. Kuwabara said that it was hard to expect that "from time to time will come" Watching the viewing party at the cafe, it was a relief expression that "It was good not to have booing", but applauding had been rolling around at the end of the booing. In the number of stories this time, it seems there was a request that "Shiro's outerwear should not be hurt", but a scene where Shiro takes off her jacket is inserted in order to get the full power. This scene is also powerful, so please check the recorded things by all means or review it with BD.

Premiums of lotteries are big posters for ufotable dining and lots of things such as illustration of multiple points that Kondo producer brought this time, among others who inadvertently covered their face with joy did.

The same lottery was held in Tokushima.

The real time viewing party of Fate / stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] will be held one more time, just before the last story. It is a highly competitive event that nearly half of the people participated for the first time this time, but please recruit those who are interested when recruitment begins. Next is the story of guarantee that we can get excited together when we see it together.

Initially "event was the sixth time this event, second time in 2nd season" was written, but,Machi ★ Asobi vol.14 ufotable on the eve of the day held at CINEMABecause it was, it was the seventh total in the total and 2nd season for the third time. However, since it is a slightly different event from the usual real time viewing party that performed the preliminary lottery, it seems that it is not counted as the number.

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