A sweet 'Matcha / Tamagotchi Suites' that can open a fantastic japanese box filled with white smoke has been tasted with Kyoto Cha

In the baked kiln sweet tea ceremony, sweets that can enjoy the finest Matcha are offered, and in fact it has eaten in fact that it can enjoy the " Matcha / Tamaki Suites " not only taste but also sticking to the appearance.

Grilled kiln sweet CHASEN - Chasen - Chasen - Kyoto no yaki kiln Matcha sweets specialty store

The place of "tea ceremony" is located in the Lawn noodles street of Kyoto Isetan 10F.

The appearance of the store looks like this. You can peek into the kitchen through the glass from the space lining up in the row to enter the store.

After ordering and waiting for about 10 minutes "Matcha / Tamaki Suites" (1620 yen including tax) arrived. Looks just like a "box."

Compared with traffic IC cards in size, it looks like this.

I will actually open the box while thinking "I will be old like Urashima Tarou ...".

Please check the following movie to see a slate box opening with white smoke.

You opened "Matcha / Tamaki Suites" at Kyoto's "Baked kiln sweet tea ceremony" - YouTube

At the same time as opening, white smoke of dry ice arose, a fantastic atmosphere.

The contents are like this and it is a assortment of various sweets. Decoration is made for Christmas, but Tamapaku Suites seems to be offered throughout the year.

Tiramisu, cut fruit, side-sized sweets are lined up.

Matcha parfait on the far side ......

There was Matcha jelly with black beans.

When actually eating, Matcha Parfa has plenty of ice tea ceremony, it seems that fruits such as apples are also included.

There was an ingenuity not to get tired of changing the taste, such as sweet pon candy in the middle stage and mango pudding in the bottom.

Green tea jelly is not sweet, it is perfect after eating sweet sweets such as parfait.

Matcha tiramisu has plenty of powdered tea powder on Mascarpone cream, but on the bottom was sponge cake of Matcha.

Matcha Miso Takara is sugar soy sauce and it has a sweet taste.

Matcha chocolate complemented the bitterness of matcha and the sweetness of chocolate.

Pound cake is gentle sweetness, it is best for chopstick breaks from matcha taste.

When the mouth becomes too sweet, cut fruits served in the center ... ...

If you relax in the mouth by drinking authentic Uji green tea (594 yen including tax), you will be able to enjoy sweets indulgence even more. Tamane box sweets were heavy when eaten immediately after lunch, but the female customers next door had been eaten with perori alone.

"Matcha / Tamagotchi Suites" is served throughout the year in grilled kiln Matcha tea sweet tea. Also, the sweets inside will change somewhat according to the time.

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