Adult sweets 'Plum pudding a la mode tart' tasting review that you can enjoy the sweetness of peaches and the sourness of thighs as well as the bittersweetness of caramel sauce

' Plum pudding a la mode tart', which is a crispy tart covered with custard pudding and caramel sauce and sprinkled with plums and peaches, has appeared in Qu'il fait bon only in July 2022. It is said that the tart is finished in a hot season with a bittersweet caramel sauce as an accent, so I actually tried it and checked the taste.

[New] 30th Fukuoka store devised Plum pudding a la mode tart | Grand Front Osaka store | Menu | Discerning tart and cake shop. Qu'il faitbon

Arrived at Kirfebon.

There is a showcase with tarts lined up in the store.

I found the desired 'Plum pudding a la mode tart' in the showcase.

This time, I ordered one hole of 'Plum pudding a la mode tart' and brought it back.

There is a box like this in the paper bag ...

When I opened the box, 'Plum pudding a la mode tart' appeared.

'Plum and peach pudding a la mode tart' has a large amount of peach and plum, and cream and mint are topped on it.

The fruit in the center is covered with a transparent jelly.

I tried to carve it. The hall of 'Plum pudding a la mode tart' is topped with 10 cherries, so you can divide it into 10 equal parts by using the cherries as a landmark.

The cross section looks like this. Caramel sauce is sandwiched between the custard pudding and the sponge dough.

When I tried it, I felt the sweetness of custard pudding and the bitterness of caramel sauce, as well as the strong acidity of the plums that were topped at the tip. Caramel sauce is a bitter seasoning, but the sweetness of custard pudding is so strong that it is a bittersweet sweet dessert overall.

Plums have a pronounced acidity, and peaches have a strong sweetness. The fruits you eat differ depending on where you eat, so you can enjoy the fresh taste of each bite. However, the mint topping on the edge is an adult taste with a strong bitterness, and some editorial staff commented that they might not need mint.

One piece of 'Plum pudding a la mode tart' is 770 yen excluding tax, and one hole (25 cm) is 7700 yen excluding tax. Appeared only in July 2022.

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