I ate Kilfevon's `` peach and milk mousse tart '' that is perfect for summer with a combination of cool milk mousse and fresh peach

`` Peach and milk mousse tart '' is available for a limited time from July 11th (Tuesday) to 17th (Monday), 2023 at the fruit tart specialty store `` Kilfevon ''. It is said that it is a tart that combines fresh peach and peach jelly with a light milk mousse, so I actually ate it to see what it tasted like.

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Arrive at Kilfevon.

I bought 'peach and milk mousse tart' and took it home.

The outer box looks like this.

When I opened the box, a tart with plenty of peach presence appeared from inside.

The inside is filled with jelly-coated peaches. Garnished with pink peach jelly and chervil on the outside, the outer rim of the tart is topped with whipped cream.

The diameter of the hole size is 21cm.

The cut cross section looks like this. There is a lot of milk mousse inside.

When you actually eat it, the tightly packed milk mousse looks like a sweet almond tofu, and you can enjoy the contrast with a tart with a crunchy texture like a biscuit. The fresh texture and sweetness of the peach was added to it, and the coolness of the milk mousse combined with the refreshing tart perfect for summer.

As you continue to eat, you will reach peach jelly and chervil, and the refreshing flavor of chervil will enhance the sweetness of the peach jelly.

``Peach and milk mousse tart'' is available for a limited time from July 11th (Tuesday) to 17th (Monday), 2023, and can be purchased at Kilfebbon nationwide except for the Tokyo Dome City store. The price for one piece is 858 yen including tax for eat-in and 842 yen for takeout. The 21 cm hall size is 7722 yen including tax for eat-in and 7581 yen for takeout.

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