I tried the strawberry and chocolate royal road and the exquisite balance of Kirfebon's Valentine's limited 'strawberry and chocolate cream tart' and 'coffee mousse and hazelnut tart'

Two types of chocolate-based tarts are available for a limited time from February 1st (Monday) to February 14th (Sunday), 2021 at Kirfebon, a tart specialty store where you can line up. Actually buy and eat ' Strawberry and chocolate cream tart ', which is a combination of strawberry and chocolate , and ' Coffee mousse and hazelnut tart ', which is a combination of two ingredients that go well with chocolate, coffee and nuts. Saw.

2021 Valentine | A specialty tart and cake shop. Kirfebon


Arrived at Kirfebon.

In the showcase inside the store ...

Valentine's Day limited 'Coffee Mousse and Hazelnut Tart' (left) and 'Strawberry and Chocolate Cream Tart' (right) were placed.

So, I bought two kinds of tarts at takeout.

When you open the box, it looks like this.

I put it on a plate. The strawberry and chocolate cream tart has a slightly higher finish.

Let's put them side by side. When I actually measured it, the total length was about 13 cm.

Let's start with the strawberry and chocolate cream tart. Looking at the cross section, cookie dough, chocolate custard, chocolate sponge, berry jam are on the bottom, and plenty of strawberries and chocolate whipped cream are on the top.

It has a royal taste of strawberry and chocolate, but the sourness of fresh raw strawberry and berry jam is perfectly balanced with the sweetness and flavor of chocolate. It is a line that makes you think that no matter which element is more or less than this, the 'royal road and best' finish will not be produced. The sweet and sour taste of the fruit and the chocolate cream with a smooth texture alternate in the mouth, so it was a finish that you could eat in a blink of an eye while chasing the taste.

The cookie dough has a slightly pie-like buttery finish, with a crispy texture accent.

Next, coffee mousse and hazelnut tart. From the bottom, it is cookie dough, nut paste, coffee mousse, cocoa cream, and the surface is topped with gold powder and berries.

The cookie dough is darker than the strawberry and chocolate cream tart.

I thought it was a 'chocolate tart' and ate it, but with the taste of an adult with coffee on the front, the scent of

cognac fluffy through my nose. The nut paste was quite thick, sticky and candy-like.

The tart itself has a rich taste, but the berries on top have a strong acidity, so the overall finish is not too heavy. For those who want to enjoy the royal road chocolate, choose the strawberry and chocolate cream tart, and for those who want to enjoy the strange combination of coffee and nuts, choose this tart.

The strawberry and chocolate cream tart is 800 yen excluding tax, the 25 cm hole is 8000 yen excluding tax, the 13 cm hole is 2750 yen excluding tax, and the coffee mousse and hazelnut tart is 625 yen excluding tax, 25 cm. The hall is 7500 yen excluding tax, and the 13 cm hall is 2500 yen excluding tax.

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