The EU amendment to the revised copyright directive pointed out that 'companies are forced to produce magical wand'

by Suzy Hazelwood

The amended revised copyright directive which is being negotiated in the EU obliges the " link tax " to which a copyright fee is charged simply by pasting a link and strict copyright protection of web services etc. Regarding the draft amendment of the EU 's revised copyright directive, which is concerned that the expressions on the net are largely regulated due to too strict regulation, "With ignorant bureaucracy companies are forced to produce" magic wand " There is an indication that "There is.

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Mike Masnick , editor of Techdirt , a media on technology and business analysis, said in a draft revised copyright directive that "content in the platform is copyrighted to copyright laws against providers of content and platforms such as SNS I am worried about article 13 that it checks and imposes obligation to deal with it so that it does not go against it. "

Mr. Masnick said about the draft amendment of the revised copyright directive, "The majority of people involved in the drafting of the draft amendment are trying to promote ambiguous rules without knowing what they actually are talking about I do not even understand what they are affected by the proposed amendment. " The authors of the draft revision suggest that even if it is pointed out by experts, "This issue causes" A "to occur," without understanding the contents of "A" in detail, "The platform is" A There is an obligation to prevent the occurrence of "occurrence."

by Theophilos Papadopoulos

Based on Article 13, the platform strictly controls the copyright of the content, while on the other hand it is required not to delete the content not infringing the copyright. In addition, the revision proposes guidance that "Platform avoids the use of automatic identification filter of copyright as much as possible", but Mr. Masnick also condemned Mr. Masnick as not being a sound policy formulation.

Masnick expresses that Masnick is "a wand of magic" to make it unlimitedly impossible to identify a large amount of content without automatic filtering and still leave content that does not infringe copyright. Article 13 merely includes as much as it can be included in the text, and if there is a risk that "bureaucrats without technical backgrounds will be deleted up to contents not in violation of copyright", "violate copyright It is trying to avoid the danger by a method adding it as "Do not delete content not in use". Bureaucrats do not explain how such work is possible at all and Masnick points out that the development of magic wand is rounded to the enterprise.

Although Article 13 states that it should not use an automatic identification filter, Mr. Masnick should specify the method if there is a method other than filter to judge whether it infringes copyright if it exists He insisted. It is impossible to say that this article merely bureaucrats have imposed impossibility on companies.

And since the responsibility for violating the copyright law of uploaded content is imposed on the platform, the platform has to censor more nervous content than ever. As a result, regardless of how much the article states that "contents not in violation of copyright law should not be deleted", the platform either shuts out all new content uploads once, or just a little suspicious contents You have to choose between removing one from one end.

by James Ledbetter

There is no filter or magic wand that perfectly judges whether copyright violation or not, and the revised bureaucracy declaration completely ignores the technical background, Mr. Masnick says. In addition, the bureaucrats said they do not know the influence of what they regulate, how to operate the rules, and the rules. If a problem is pointed out by experts, the bureaucrats are not even trying to understand the problem by just saying "We must not cause problems".

"With regard to the problems of the draft revised copyright directive, bureaucrats and agreed parliamentarians are not worried because they can celebrate with the bill as long as the bills are passed, and technical problems created by them It is because all companies are obliged to resolve points are platforms, "Mr. Masnick gave a sharp indictment.

Mr. Masnick considers the EU 's revised copyright draft directive with many problems, "We should not make binding regulations at present." The content being discussed at the moment is too obscure, and saying that "making such a law into law is itself a criminal proxy". The EU is hurrying the passage of the bill before the parliamentary election in 2019 and it is incredibly frightening to try to change the Internet that forms the foundation of society without understanding what it is going to change Mr. Masnick thinks.

The EU unilaterally requests that a company have a magic wand, and is trying to impose a contradictory rule of "to prevent problems that are predicted to occur." Mr. Masnick said, "I am expecting common sense to completely destroy Article 13 within the EU."

by Matt May

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