How will the EU's amended copyright law directive Article 13 affect the content and creators of YouTube?

The EU is endeavoring to establish an amended revised copyright law directive that obliges strict copyright protection, and many discussions are invoked, such as large-scale opposition campaigns are held against regulations that are too severe. Under such circumstances, YouTube, which is considered to have a major influence on Article 13 of the revised copyright law directive "seeking responsibility for platform violations by platform operators", on what exactly is Article 13, We are publishing a special page explaining why Article 13 affects YouTube content and creators.

YouTube | # SaveYourInternet - Article 13

This movie explained about Article 13 of the revised copyright law directive submitted to " YouTube Creators " of YouTube 's channel for creators.

Article 13 - Burning Questions # SaveYourInternet

In this movie, we will answer questions about Article 13 of the revised copyright law directive received from viewers.

First of all, the question "What is Article 13?"

Article 13 is a revision of the online copyright law submitted by the EU. It is aimed at protecting the creativity of creators more strongly by protecting online copyright and it is like an improvement proposal for more efficient copyright protection than before.

First of all, YouTube also agrees with the purpose of Article 13 to protect creators and promote success by creation of content as an important point. However, if Article 13 is put into practice as it is in the current draft of the EU, serious consequences unexpectedly will be caused.

The impact is believed to cover hundreds of thousands of creators, artists and many other related industries.

So why is Article 13 a problem?

If the current draft goes into effect, a huge amount of YouTube movies including already released movies will be forced to stop publishing, and many newly released movies will be outdated is.

According to Article 13, the uploading of movies to YouTube in the EU is severely restricted. The scope of the movie to be restricted is very wide, and education-related movies, official music videos, fan coverage, mashups, parody movies, etc. can be subject to publication stop.

So, what happens when Article 13 actually goes into effect?

YouTube's current " Strikes Warning System " is to send a warning to the user after the movie has been deleted, if you find a movie against the community guidelines such as copyright violations.

However, if Article 13 goes into effect, you will not be able to use the system "check the uploaded one and delete the violation if found". Since platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Reddit as well as YouTube are held responsible for copyright from "the moment the content is uploaded", the platform will not be able to identify the rights relationship unclear It is necessary to publish all the contents that are difficult or difficult to confirm. Most content that is uploaded to the world is not clearly defined about its rights relationship, and YouTube is also subject to huge movie suspension.

So, what impact will creators within the EU region influence by Article 13?

Every platform including YouTube is unclear to any rights relationship as far as the contributor of the content can not provide perfect copyright information on all images and music included in the contents already published or released It is said that all movies that have points must be unpublished.

Also, does Article 13 affect creators and artists who are outside the EU area?

Platforms such as YouTube have to halt publication to the EU users regarding already published content if there is any problem in the copyright information of the contents. Just because you do not live in the EU is never an unrelated problem for content contributors.

Has Article 13 already been approved?

Fortunately, the EU 's revised copyright law draft directive including Article 13, which is in question this time, has not been approved and has not been legislated. However, the final voting by the European Parliamentarians is already scheduled in March and April 2019, and legislation within two years is essential in each EU country if passed by final voting.

So what is the action that can be taken by people with a sense of crisis in Article 13?

The important point is that Article 13 of the EU policy makers is problematic as it stands and it will be known that many adverse effects will occur if it is legislated.

Many artists, companies, organizations are protesting against Article 13. YouTube urged creators "I definitely want to upload movies related to Article 13 and raise voices with fans ..."

I also want people who are not creators to submit their opinions to SNS using the hashtag "# SaveYourInternet" and to spread about the issue of Article 13 of the revised copyright law directive.

In addition, YouTube has released a special page on Article 13, allowing creators to introduce movies that appeal against Article 13 and read answers to various questions. The site is compatible with Japanese.

Many creators are posting movies to protest against Article 13 ....

Messages concerning the adverse effect of Article 13 issued by the copyrighted musicians and artists are posted.

In the answer to the question for Article 13, the explanation explains that YouTube may judge a lot of factors such as pictures and art in contents, quotation from papers and parodies as copyright infringement. Although YouTube deals with copyright infringement through a mechanism called Content ID, if the rights relationship of the copyright owner is ambiguous, since Content ID may not be able to correctly identify copyright information, Article 13 will come into force Copyright protection by Content ID does not work. For that reason, movies with ambiguous parts and doubts about copyright are said to be deleted for the time being, even if there is actually no copyright problem.

On top of that, YouTube also agrees about the purpose of Article 13, "To protect from copyright infringement as well as legislation to explore better ways for European users, creators, and artists to express themselves online We are working on people. " In order to realize this goal, YouTube says it is necessary to build a system where the platform and the copyright holder can cooperate, "The copyright owner can cooperate with the platform to specify its own content, The platform understands copyrighted content and the copyright owner can stop publishing if necessary. "" Only for content identified using Content ID or "notification and deletion" type of system Platform "We want to create a system that enables the three elements of" enable the platform and copyright owner to negotiate in good faith when it is easy to identify licenses and rights " I am doing.

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