In the criticism that 'YouTube is promoting children's sexual exploitation', Disney and Epic Games are raising ads on YouTube

by Christian Wiediger

YouTube has become a huge platform for young and old people to consume various contents, but it is delivered to create dangerous epidemics such as " blindfolded challenge " and " Tide Pod challenge ", and if YouTuber causes a flame uproad The content of the movie has been viewed as a problem many times. Such a YouTube newly pointed out that "YouTube is promoting children's sexual exploitation" has become a criticism.

YouTube still can not stop child predators in the comments - The Verge

Matt Watson published on YouTube that "YouTube is promoting children's sexual exploitation" has become problematic is that "YouTube is promoting children's sexual exploitation, It is monetized. "Movie. The movie was released on February 17, 2019, and it has already been played about 2 million times already at the time of article creation. In the movie, Mr. Watson insists that "a loophole for soft core pedophiles is being created on YouTube."

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019) - YouTube

What Watson points out is that "there are movies on YouTube that contain scenes that are not essentially pornographic, but they seem to exploit children." There are many in the comment column of such a movie "people who carve a specific scene with time stamp as if sexually exploiting children" and "people who comment on how beautiful young girls are beautiful" It seems that you are consuming such movies for sexual exploitation.

The problem is also in YouTube's recommendation algorithm, for example, from "a woman's movie that introduces purchased bikini", you can reach "a movie just for young girls to play" by clicking a recommended movie a few times It is regarded as a problem. Watson says, "YouTube's recommendation algorithm is promoting children's enthusiasts to keep in touch with each other, exchange contacts and access real child pornography." I'm commenting. According to Mr. Watson, even if you have never used YouTube, you can trace the movie suggested by the recommendation system from a harmless movie and follow the movie suggested by the recommendation system within 10 minutes, within 5 clicks, It is possible to arrive at a movie as if exploitation is exploited. Actually, when The Verge of foreign media tried, it seems that it was able to reach "Movie to sexually exploit children in the comments section" with less than 6 clicks.

In addition, YouTube has issued a statement that Mr. Watson pointed out in the movie "Movie as if sexual exploitation of children" pointed out, has already been deleted.

Watson's movie is also talked about overseas bulletin board Reddit.

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019): videos

This is not the first time that children's sexual exploitation became a problem on YouTube, but in the past blocking predatory comments made to minors' movies, closing the comment section itself, We are taking measures.

In an effort even in 2013 Google and YouTube is about the sexual exploitation of children, in both of the platform search results and child pornographic content has changed the algorithm so that it does not appear announced we are. Despite such efforts, YouTube is still not able to completely eliminate those who sexually exploit children from the platform, "We are not able to find effective countermeasures," The Verge points out.

A movie "You sexually exploit children" on YouTube from Watson's movie has become a problem, and some companies are refraining from posting advertisements on YouTube.

Epic Games pulls Fortnite pre-roll ads on YouTube following child predator controversy - The Verge

Disney (DIS) Pulls YouTube Ads Amid Concerns Over Child Voyeurs - Bloomberg

Epic Games, which develops and provides Fort Knight for popular battle royal games, reveals that "we withdrew all pre-roll advertisements from YouTube." Following this, Nestle and Disney have also reported that they have withdrawn ads from YouTube, and at the same time companies like Peloton have also made it clear that YouTube has asked for investigation of the situation.

YouTube issued a statement to The Verge: "We dealt with the problem immediately by deleting the account and channel in question, reporting illegal activity to the authorities and invalidating the offending comment" It is. Also, a YouTube spokeswoman said, "Any content, including comments that jeopardize minors, is also aversion and subject to YouTube there is a clear policy to ban these, there are other things to do , We are continuing our efforts to improve abuses and catch them more quickly. "

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