YouTube CEO strongly condemned the EU amendment of the revised copyright directive as 'not fair'

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Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO, said that "All content-uploading responsibilities are requested from the platform side" specified in Article 13 of the Copyright Directive passed by the EU in September 2018 is like YouTube We blame it on blogs that it is difficult to maintain a platform as it is.

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In the proposed amendment of the Copyright Directive passed by the European Parliament in September 2018, "Member States shall notify the publishers of the Member States of the information society service provider's online use of the press publications, Article 11 and Article 11, Paragraph 2 of Article 3, "Article 11, stipulating the" link tax "and the responsibility of movies that violate the copyright law to contents such as SNS and streaming services · 13 things you are looking for on the platform are drawing attention.

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Mr. Wojcicki released a blog post blaming Article 13 on the side of YouTube to say "All over 400 hours of movies are uploaded to the platform and all responsible for platforms such as YouTube, It is not fair to try to control the movies of the movie ".

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Wojcicki is introducing Luis Fonsi's "Despacito" music video as an example that is difficult to comply with Article 13 of the revised copyright directive.

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Wojcicki says, "Despacito 's music video contains multiple copyrights, from recording to publishing rights.YouTube has a license agreement with several companies, but among rights holders Some unknown things exist, and the uncertainty of these rights means that we need to block the movie in order to avoid the responsibility under Article 13, "said Article 13 on the scale of YouTube , Financial risks become so large that it is highly likely that more than 35 million YouTube channels will be blocked in EU countries.

Furthermore, 98% or more of YouTube's copyright management is done by Content ID , and Wojcicki argues that "Content ID system is the best solution for worldwide copyright management" It is. According to Mr. Wojcicki, YouTube has paid over 2.5 billion euros (about 320 billion yen) to the rights holder and 8 million euros (about 100 million yen) for the entire EU in order to use the content by the third party .

Wojcicki strongly argues that "platforms that support copyright holders to identify content should not be directly responsible for all content uploaded by users."

In addition, YouTube has also set up a dedicated site that opposes Article 13 of this revised copyright directive, is posting a movie with a hashtag of "# Save YourInternet", and is urging to inform the members of his opinion.

YouTube | # SaveYourInternet - Article 13

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