The Electronic Frontier Foundation disagrees with the EU's proposal to impose copyright filtering of content on web services

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The EU proposes a law to protect the copyright of contents uploaded on the Internet, and in May 2018 a system for filtering content uploadsImpose on the administrative side of the online serviceWe are finalizing the final version of the proposal by content. On the other hand,Electronic Frontier Foundation(EEF) has expressed its opposition as "There is a danger of destroying the Internet."

The EU's Copyright Proposal is Extremely Bad News for Everyone, Even (Especially!) Wikipedia | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Article 13 of the proposed copyright directive proposed by the EU is to impose the filtering of the copyrighted work against the copyrighted material database on a website permitting users to post content such as documents, sound, code, still images, and moving images . If the user's contribution includes the copyrighted work on the database itself or a work similar to the copyrighted work, the website cooperates with the official copyright owner to take measures for permission or refusal of use of the content. And the list of the works included in this database can be updated by the copyright owner himself.

However, EFF points out that such a system of "content ID" gets a big problem. Although YouTube already introduces such a mechanism of content ID, it frequently makes a mistake that "legitimate content contributor is regarded as a copyright infringer". Even in cases where "copyrighted material is legally uploaded" such as "upload a movie of a bar that is a copyrighted music," "wear a T-shirt printed with an artist's album jacket", according to YouTube's algorithm Often it is considered to be a copyright violation. · Photography

The copyright directive proposed article 13 imposes the responsibility of failing to block the copyright infringing thing on the site side by the mechanism based on the contents ID like this, and does not ask the person who abuses the system responsibility.

If Article 13 of the Copyright Directive becomes a reality, it is believed that Wikipedia with content such as celebrity photographs and pictures worthy of news may suffer a lot of damage in particular. In other words, if someone filters all the content of Wikipedia and claims ownership on Twitter and Facebook, many people will avoid quoting Wikipedia. Not only Wikipedia, there are many possibilities for confusion in websites and services due to such wrong copyright claims or lie copyright claims.

If the bot erroneously determines that it is a copyright infringer, the owner of the content will appeal the platform, but if the service side does not respond to the dispute, it will develop to the court .

Draft authors of the 13 draft copyright law attempts to exclude Wikipedia from this rule, but since it restricts exception to "nonprofit activities", it treats commercially available Wikipedia files exceptionally It is said that they have failed to make it.

Wikipedia is made up of a large number of reference links, and it is already a problem that these link destinations will be lost, but after the establishment of Article 13 of the copyright directive, more link sources disappear It is believed to be. Furthermore, Article 11 of the copyright directive draft called "link tax" is rippling. Link tax is linked to contents uploaded online, such as news curation service, even for that linkThose that can charge a royalty. For these reasons, the Wikimedia Foundation shows a posture against Article 11 and 13 of the Copyright Directive.

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EFF states that "The 11th and 13th copyright drafts are not thoughtful, impossible and dangerous.The secondary damage these bring to public life is not exaggerated.The Internet is Europe We are closely involved with the lives of hundreds of millions of people living in Japan, so many sites and services will face adversity according to the draft copyright directive Article 13 "as opposed to the copyright directives 11 and 13 I mentioned my intention.

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