The vote against the proposed amendment of the EU 's revised copyright directive is reversed and reversed

by Arnaud Jaegers

The European Commission conducted a vote on the EU 's new copyright directive including copyright filtering and link tax , and voted oppositively against many.

Article 13: EU lawmakers vote on controversial copyright law

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The suggested new copyright directive proposal imposes filtering of copyrighted material against the copyright database or affixes a link to a web service that can post content from the user like YouTube It included a mechanism in which taxes to which copyright fee is charged are introduced only by them.

"We destroy the Internet" to EU's proposal to impose copyright filtering on content on web services, the Electronic Frontier Foundation disagrees - GIGAZINE

Commercial fee is charged only by pasting hyperlinks Known "link tax" is about to be introduced in the EU - GIGAZINE

For this reason, in addition to having expressed the opposition by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an open letter warning that "It is an" imminent threat to the Internet in the future "by Tim Berners-Lee and others , who is the creator of the Web, , Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has been condemned as "disaster", the Italian version of Wikipedia has closed the protest.

Italian version Wikipedia closes in protest against the EU amendment copyright directive - GIGAZINE

It already passed through the Legal Committee and was expected to formally be formed if it was passed through the vote of the European Commission, but voting resulted in 318 opposing, 278 in favor, 31 abstentions. The draft will be brought back to review and a second vote will be held on September 10th.

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