A movie that shows the history of drinks "Pallinka", "Unicum" "carbonated water" symbolizing Hungary

As traditional drinks representing Hungary, there are three types of alcoholic beverages: Palinka and Unicum, and carbonated water. However, there are many people who are unfamiliar with other than carbonated water in Japan and who do not know. Why such three drinks have become drinks symbolizing HungaryGreat Big StoryIt is close to its history.

The History of Budapest In Three Cups - YouTube

When I came to Budapest in Hungary and stopped by a restaurant ......

There may be people who ask for alcohol and soft drinks such as vodka, gin, lamb and lemonade. However, it can be said that it is a little waste to order these items.

Instead we recommend choosing Hungarian symbolic drinks "Palinka", "Unicum" and "carbonated water".

First, about Palinka, in BudapestHouse of Hungarian PálinkaI will ask Zoltan Alba Toss who runs the company.

"Palinka is a liquor made from fruit as a raw material, and in Hungary it is widely known as a drink that represents a" tough "spirit"

"Palynka was said to have started in the 1300s, and there are records in the records that the King and the Queen at that time had told Palynka to treat his gout."

"Palinka can be made from many fruits, there are plentiful kinds such as plum, cherry, pear, apple, etc."

"In addition, it is also characterized by high alcohol content, mostly 40% ~ 50%, but some are more than 60%"

Next, I will ask Shandol Zwaak, who runs Zwack, who is producing and selling Unicum the sole, about Unicum.

"Unicum does not have as much alcohol as Palinqua, but there is still 40% there"

"Unicum is an extremely bitter sake made from herbs but it sells 4 million copies each year.To know that there are only about 10 million people in Hungary there are quite a few sales "

The person of this photograph is a person who is an ancestor of Mr. Zwaak, at that time he was working as an exclusive doctor of King Hungary. At one point, the king seems to have had something wrong with his stomach.

"So my ancestor created sake made with 40 different herbs and spices to improve the state of the king's stomach, this is the beginning of Unicum"

"The way to make Unicum is becoming a son-in-law, and I can not reveal the recipe."

"I will only tell you that vanilla and ginger are the raw materials for sake, so I am going to say it here."

Up to this point, it was a story for those who love alcohol, but we recommend carbonated water to those who can not drink.

Carbonated water in Hungary is a very popular drink.

"I am Las Law · kiss, I am making carbonated water"

"Of course, because it is carbonated water, we use only water and carbon dioxide as a material.It is a simple process, but how much carbon dioxide should be included in water, how much pressure inside the bottle I am doing work while paying attention to filling carbon dioxide into "

"The method of mass-producing carbonated water was developed by Mr. Jedrik Arnoche in the 1820s and since then it has become a popular drink since domestic demand for carbonated water has increased rapidly."

"I think everyone who is blood of Hungary will smile when I see the carbonated water bottle."

When traveling in Hungary, how about trying a mouth with Palinka, Unicum and carbonated water?

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