Nikoniko started uploading efforts to protect the rights of contributed videos

It seems to begin an effort to protect the rights of videos in which Nico Nico video is posted.

Specifically, in order to strengthen efforts to protect rights, we will actively develop places for discussion with right holders in the future, strengthen the monitoring system and conduct educational activities for users.

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)Strengthen dialogue with right holders concerning protection of rights of videos posted on Nico Nico Douga

According to this release, in order to protect the rights of videos to be posted, Niconico videos are used to monitor and delete posted videos in response to requests for comprehensive deletion of movies or the like by designation of titles of works and programs from rights holders In addition to improving the system, we will construct a structure to quickly delete posted videos that violate the rights based on implementation items negotiated by individual discussions.

In addition to continuing to strengthen and expand the system provided by the program while incorporating the opinion of the right holder who is registering to the infringement correspondence program, the copyright Etc. in the "SMILEVIDEO" Nico Nico Douga video and video posting site for the purpose of understanding and education concerning the protection and the protection of the right and the right, and to conduct the educational activities concerning the rights issue.

So farThe user who used it instead of my video deckIt seems to be pretty tough for me, is not this.

By the way, there is a bulletin board to discuss future copyrights in Nico Nico video.

Discussion bulletin board on future and copyright of Nico Nico Douga

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