Started testing the 'Dislike' feature that TikTok can flag unpleasant comments

Movie sharing service TikTok has begun testing the ' Dislike ' feature to rate inappropriate comments. Other efforts to build a 'safe and secure community environment' such as strengthening the comment management function have been announced.

Efforts to Promote TikTok's Safe and Secure Community Environment | TikTok Newsroom

The TikTok management team has removed abusive and hateful content in line with community guidelines. As part of this effort, TikTok has begun testing some users with a 'Dislike' feature that allows them to evaluate irrelevant and inappropriate comments.

The number of 'Dislike' attached to each comment is not displayed, and only users with 'Dislike' can check it. Regarding the 'Dislike' function, TikTok supports that 'By implementing this function, the comment section is a place to exchange only the content posted by the creator, and at the same time, prevent negative emotions between community members. You can do it. '

We have also started testing 'Comment Filtering & Bulk Blocking' for content creators. In addition, it is said that it is developing a system that automatically analyzes the comments sent to the movie and guides the comment management function to 'creators who are likely to attract negative attention'.

'TikTok continues to consider the safety, security and well-being of the community to be of paramount importance,' said TikTok.

The TikTok community guidelines can be viewed below.

TikTok Community Guidelines

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