Facebook's monthly number of users exceeded 2 billion people, becoming the world's largest influential SNS

Facebook saying that as many as 800 million users everyday "likes!", Revealed that the number of monthly users has exceeded 2 billion people.

Facebook monthly users exceed 2 billion | Facebook News Room

Mark Zuckerberg: 2 Billion Users Means Facebook's 'Responsibility Is Expanding'

On Facebook, where the number of monthly users has exceeded 2 billion people, as many as 800 million users are "likes!", 175 million people do "super cool!", 1 billion people are doing something I am using a group. Even if it is limited to Asia, as many as 40 million users are "super cool" every day and 400 million people use some group every month.

Facebook's Mark Sackerberg, CEO of Facebook that has become the world's largest influential social network, said, "Facebook has officially reached 2 billion communities created this morning!" On Facebook and the number of monthly users Has exceeded 2 billion people.

As of this morning, the Facebook community is now officially 2 billion people!

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As mentioned above, on Facebook, users of "group" are currently increasing. Facebook hopes users will be able to form communities unique to SNS by using "groups", "to give people the power to build communities and make the world closer" It is said that it is their mission. In fact, Facebook is using a group of communities to tackle climate change and public health issues, and it seems that Facebook wants such a "meaningful group" to be born.

In addition, in celebration of the number of monthly users exceeding 2 billion users, Facebook posts "super cool like" or posts a birthday celebration message to the post, and Facebook's appreciation message is sent to the news feed It has a new feature that it is displayed on.

In addition, "Personalized Video" for each user is delivered to the news feed, this videofrom hereIt is also possible to check it.

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