Truffle sliced ​​into parent and child rice bowls came in as it was. I've been eating 'Mother and child of truffle'

" Truffle parent and child weight " that uses truffle of high-class ingredients known as the world's three greatest delicacies to the lineup of Naka urch main menu "Oyako-don" has appeared for a limited time from Thursday, December 6, 2018 . Parent-child rice bowls using truffles directly exported from Italy are finished in a dish that can taste the authentic taste and aroma that is not a common truffle flavor with added extracts from truffles, so actually I ate at the shop.

"Notice" - plenty of truffles imported directly from Italy! ! ~ Naka ョ 「Truffle parent and child weight」 New release! | Notice | Rice bowl and Kyoto style udon noodles

I arrived inside Naka.

There were no posters announcing the release of "truffle parent and child weight" at the shop front, but found a display inside the shop. Luxury feeling is exuded on the golden background.

When I bought a ticket with a ticket vending machine and handed it over to the store people, the weight was carried in about three minutes.

Compared to the iPhone XR whose vertical length is about 15 cm, the size of the weight is like this.

When opening the lid of heavy weight, parent and child rice bowls with truffle were packed in massively. Black truffle that you sliced ​​into mixed with chicken wrapped in semi - egg is visible.

I immediately tried truffle. The taste of the truffle is slightly fuzzy, touching like a light boiled potato. The truff itself has not much taste, but the taste of Oshio bowl 's Dashi is winning and the taste of truffle is not clearly understood. As for the fragrance which is the biggest characteristic that makes truffle delicacies, it seems that the smell of dry wood and fallen leaves has been slightly added while concentrating all the scent of mushrooms such as mushrooms, mushrooms, and matsutake all together. It did not mean that there was earthiness, but it was a pleasant smell like a tree-lined afternoon.

Chicken meat is soft and juicy, and when it comes into the mouth, the delicious meat juice deliciously overflows with the delicious meat juice flavor.

The eggs were matured in fluffy, and the flavor of the special dish where the mushrooms worked highlighted the rich aroma of truffles.

Parent-child weight of truffles is scheduled to be sold until early January 2019 with naughty rice in the whole country, the price is 990 yen including tax inclusive price. It was possible to take home.

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