`` Golden Tsukune and Charcoal Grilled Chicken Heavy '' Tasting Review that Giant Tsukune and Charcoal Fire Yakitori Inspire Appetite Review

Golden Tsukune and Charcoal-grilled Chicken Heavy ”, which is a large tsukune and charcoal-grilled chicken thigh with a rich “ discerning egg”, has appeared in the bowl since August 22, 2019 (Thursday). I have eaten the taste of savory roasted chicken, which is appetizing, even in hot weather.

《Notice》 Newly released [Golden Tsukune and Charcoal-grilled Chicken Heavy] with large eggs and charcoal-grilled chicken | Information | Rice bowl and rice bowl of Kyoto-style udon


Arrived in Naka.

At the store, golden meatballs and charcoal-grilled chicken weight were greatly appealing.

When I bought a food ticket and gave it to the store clerk, the golden tsukune and charcoal-grilled chicken were carried in about 5 minutes.

When you open the lid, half of the weight is fastened by a charcoal-grilled chicken, and the other half has a large-sized sushi with a size of 'hamburger rather than sushi'.

Compared to the iPhone SE with a total length of 123.8mm, it is about this size.

Because it comes with raw eggs ...

We will put only the yolk with a separator.

Charcoal-grilled chicken, egg yolk, chicken meatballs, and chicken making.

First, let ’s eat chicken meatballs. Tsukune has a slight ginger effect, and the crispy texture of the lotus root is an accent. It's easy to be hot in the summer, but the ginger fragrance and sweet sauce make your appetite more appetizing.

I tried to put up chopsticks to break the yolk further, but the yolk was too solid and it didn't break.

Eating egg yolk for a rich finish. The combination of sauce and egg yolk matches with rice.

Charcoal-grilled chicken, as its name suggests, is a slightly darker shade.

Charcoal-grilled chickens have a direct juiciness that is different from chicken meatballs, so they were the same chickens, but they were eaten in an instant while following changes in flavor and texture.

In addition, the golden Tsukuney and charcoal-grilled chicken weight is 690 yen including tax.

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