Many students are beginning to be interested in virtual currency and block chain technology

As of 2018, it is obvious in Coinbase 's report, known as the largest virtual currency exchange in the United States, that most of the students at major universities in the world are interested in virtual currency and block chain technology have become.

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According to Coinbase's report, 21 of the universities in the world's top 50 as of 2018 have learning courses on "virtual currency" and "block chain technology". New York University (NYU), who has been a top 50 in the past, is known for its significant increase in students taking courses in this field.

The NYU virtual currency course was established in 2014 by Mr. David · Yamak who is a professor of business administration at the university. At the time of establishment, 35 students belonged, but as of 2018 the number is 230, which shows that it has increased significantly. Mr. Yamak said, "Various financial transaction data are about to be handled in the block chain, and in fact many systems are doing a smooth transition work. Learning this field will be a great benefit for the students I guess. "

According to Coinbase's survey, students who are interested in virtual currency and block chain technology are not only students studying computer science. It is clear that in the report students in various fields such as anthropology are interested in this field. Dawn Song, professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, says, "By successfully applying block chain technology, there is a possibility of causing a big breakthrough in various research fields," said Dawn Song, It is said to be a high field.

Many researchers say that "virtual currency" and "block chain technology" are highly promising fields, like Mr. Song, but for college students as a whole, students belonging to the course in this field are all It is 9%, and it can not be said that the number of people is large. Coinbase says, "Many universities are making courses for virtual currency and block chain technology, but as a whole it is still a small number, but there is a possibility that explosive growth may increase depending on the heightened attention in the future" I am talking.

In this survey we are also investigating students' interest in virtual currency and it is clear that 26% of the students think that they want to take courses in virtual currency. Also, about the question "Do you actually have virtual currency?", It became clear that 18% of the students answered "owned".

One reason why students are interested in this way is that there is a tendency to point out that "learning virtual currency and block chain technology tends to work advantageously for employment". Campbell Harvey, professor of international business studies at Duke University, says, "In recent years, graduates of law school have become extremely harsh in finding employment, but if you are a law school student who understands block chain technology Even without doing a job hunting activity, the company should offer "I want you to come to my place" as an offer. "

However, Mr. Benedict Buns, who is studying the virtual currency at Stanford University, said, "Even if you become an expert, it will be a difficult day to find a job," said the boom It points out the possibility of being transient.

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