I stayed at the hotel 'Quest Apartments Suva' which has gained high acclaim in the capital city of Suva in Fiji capital

Narita - Fiji Nandi's direct flight has been restored , but from Fiji it is necessary to head for Fiji's Naoussoli Airport to go to the neighboring Tuvalu. Since there are only three flights of Naoussoli - Tuvalu in the week, when trying to head to Tuvalu from Japan, it is inevitably essential to stay in Fiji. Because of the Tuvalu interview, I looked for a hotel to stay in Suva, the capital of Fiji near the airport of Nausori, so I was concerned about the hotel " Quest Apartments Suva " which has been highly acclaimed at every hotel site I tried staying to confirm the quality.

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Arrived at Nausori airport. Taxis are lined up in front of the airport. When going from Nausori Airport to Suva downtown by taxi, the boarding time is about 30 minutes and the fare is the Fiji dollar (about 1500 yen) is the price.

In addition, if you have plenty of time, you can head to Suva downtown with less than 100 yen if you use a local bus.

I tried aiming for Fiji's capital "Suva" abandoned by travelers on a cheap local bus - GIGAZINE

There was one ATM that can use a credit card outside Nausori Airport. However, there is no currency exchange office.

If you do not have Fiji Dollar due to domestic flight connections from Nadi International Airport, tell them that you want to exchange money at Suva downtown bank, take a taxi, change hands, and then pay the fare.

In other words, we arrived at the hotel "Quest Apartments Suva" near Suva harbor, which took about 30 minutes by taxi. There is a hotel in the building of Bank South Pacific (BSP).

The address is "Renwick Rd, Suva - City Center, Fiji"

Since it is a commercial facility including banks, it is also possible to exchange money. The currency exchange office was open until 17 o'clock.

The hotel entrance is on the north side of BSP SUVA Central.

Go into the building and go to the back ... ...

I will go up to the second floor where the hotel lobby is located.

The front is like this.

There were three sofas on a single cliff in the lobby, but it was a small space to kill time.

After checking in we got the room key (blue) and the elevator card key.

In the room you can unlock by putting the room key over the black part on the door knob.

At the entrance of the room there was a place to insert a card key for the elevator.

Going through the entrance passage ... ...

King size bed.

Pillow × 4 + cushion × 2

With the phone next to bed ......

Alarm Clock.

Air conditioner as well as cooling only.

It was a southern country specification that the set temperature is possible up to "5 ° C".

There is a big kitchen because it is a "studio" room.

There is one sofa for one person on the wall.

Bread and cereals for breakfast were prepared in the side table.

The room was not on the sea side but on the land side, the view from the window was not that good.

In the back of the room there is a kitchen that you can make enough if you cook a bit.

The space next to the sink is also reasonable.

Cutting board and microwave oven

Toaster, water heater, small plate etc.

There are also cutleries for drawers as well as knives, forks and spoons.

We had wine glasses and mugs as well for two people.

Water and milk in a small refrigerator.

In the closet next to the kitchen there is a hanger and an ironing board.

Of course there is also an iron.

Iron seemed to be useful in long-term stay.

A security box of a type that specifies a password

The closet drawer had a sufficient storage space.

Baggage rack

And a huge desk.

On the desk is a 42-inch Sony LCD TV. It was better position to see from the bed than to see from the desk.

Sanitary right at the entrance of the room

The toilet was not a hot toilet seat.

Square shaped wash basin

The washbasin is huge.

Since there was a 110 V outlet for the electric shaver in the wall outlet, even if you forget the outlet adapter, it seems that you can charge the Japanese equipment.

Amenity such as shampoo, conditioner, body soap, sponge etc was well prepared.

Shower space partitioned by glass. The momentum of the shower was no problem, hot water came out.

Box tissues, shavings, cotton buds, accessories such as toilet paper were gathered up in a wash basement.

The studio room of Quest Apartments Suva stayed at this time is relatively expensive in Suva downtown area, from about 12,000 yen to 15,000 yen per night. However, there is no doubt that you can spend a comfortable stay at the hotel with Suva not abundant in tourist resources, such as the cleanliness of the room and facilities such as kitchen, and ample amenities. Considering the convenience that there is a currency exchange office in the building and there is a shopping mall in 1 minute walk, it seems to be said that it is a hotel with value worth commensurate with the price.

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