I tried staying at 'Studio Leopoldstreet' like a private night which can stay for up to 4 people long-term stay in Dusseldorf

When I was looking for an inexpensive hotel in Düsseldorf, I found a room " Studio Leopoldstreet " where I can stay with 4 people at around 7000 yen per night. Studio Leopoldstreet, which is treated as a "hotel" at a major hotel reservation site, was actually an airbnb-like private style, but it was a comfortable room where it was cheap and could stay long in Düsseldorf as it was cheap.

Studio Leopoldstreet in Dusseldorf | Germany | 2018 Book From $ 28

I arrived at Düsseldorf Main Station since the sunset.

The address of the destination is " Leopoldstraße 16, 40211 Düsseldorf " and it is a distance of 8 minutes on foot from the station so we decided to head on foot.

Arriving at the location as it arrived, I arrived at a building like an office building.

Since the mail "There is a key in the entrance locker" arrived, I headed for the entrance's automatic door ......

Certainly there was a locker.

The inside of the locker is divided into 4 ... ...

No. 1 seems to be the storage space of Studio Leopoldstreet.

The locker was opened with the PIN number of the mail, the room key came out from the inside.

Hold the key ... ...

The automatic door opened and it was inside the building.

When I searched for "Where is the room?", In the corridor that entered the aisle next to the elevator on the first floor ... ...

A door stucked with "Studio Leopoldstreet" sticker was found. Apparently the room at the front of the entrance on the right hand side is Studio Leopoldstreet.

I locked it when I inserted the key. Especially in the mail I did not have information on the location of the room, so I searched around, but I managed to get through.

The inside is a neat space.

German people have two single beds that are rather narrow ... ...

One pipe bed containing a sofa. If you use a sofa, it seems that it is possible for 4 people to stay overnight.

To the entrance closet ......

Iron and safe are also available. There was a space that seemed to be able to store the coat for 4 adults easily.

There is a full-length mirror next to the kitchen.

The kitchen is a size that two adults can stand and cook.

The stove is not gas but electrothermal type.

When opening the storage shelf it is like this.

Not only dishes such as glasses, glasses, dishes, but also seasonings were substantial.

Microwave oven ......

There is also a refrigerator.

We had all the kitchen utensils for home, so it seemed possible to have enough cooking for our own.

Small table of four seats

Mineral water and apple were prepared.

In the back of the room is a 40-inch Sony LCD TV.

Under the window behind the room is a large oil heater, which allowed the room to be comfortably warmed even in the winter of Düsseldorf.

Tile flooring sanitary.

Magnifying mirror

The washroom is extremely simple.

The toilet is not a hot toilet seat.

Two towels. There are another two in the shower room, so there are a total of 4 people.

There is a washing machine for long stay.

Glass shower room

Hot shower was able to use comfortably enough flow rate.

Since there is an oil heater also in the bathroom, it was comfortable without cold even in winter.

Studio Leopoldstreet has enough space for four adults and there is a supermarket in 5 minutes on foot so it seems to be suitable for a long stay. Because it is around 55 euro (7000 yen) per night, it was a room that you could stay in Dusseldorf cheaply and comfortably if you use it for several people.

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