I tried staying at 'De Vos on the Park' where a spacious studio room can be borrowed in the capital city of Fiji at a cheap price

Suva, the capital city of Fiji, has few airports to visit the resort, but there are airlines to neighboring countries such as Fiji, Tuvalu and Tonga, there are also big ports, and can also visit various areas of Fiji by boat It is a hub of. There was also a bad security in the night and I tried staying at a medium-sized hotel in the middle of Suva, where only advanced users who visited Fiji's resort area got tired of getting tired.

de Vos on the Park - de Vos on the Park

I got over the trouble at the airport and arrived in the city of Suva, the capital city of Fiji near sunset. The details of how you traveled by bus by bus from Nausori Airport to Suva city center can be confirmed in the following article.

I tried aiming for Fiji's capital "Suva" abandoned by travelers on a cheap local bus - GIGAZINE

Accommodation in Suva is in front of the park " Ratu Sukuna Park " near Suva harbor. So we arrived at the park in about 15 minutes on foot from the bus stop.

The entrance of the hotel "De Vos on the Park" is on the north side across the park and the aisle.

The front is like this.

A small rest space in the lobby.

I also had a piano, but a few keyboards dropped and the sound did not sound.

I deposited a deposit of 20 Fiji dollars (about 1000 yen) at check-in.

Go up the stairs beside the lobby to the mezzanine.

Take the elevator from here ...

Although it should be, as of the end of July 2018 the elevator is out of order.

I will go up the stairs without any help.

Arrived on the 4th floor.

The corridor is a red carpet. The wall was tropical style.

An ordinary room key, not a card key.

Although it is the key of auto lock, there was also an auxiliary lock on the inside.

The size of the "Studio" type room is 20 square meters, which is quite wide to stay alone.

There are two large sofas in the room.

In the closet that entered the season next to the fan ......

There was an LCD TV.

On the glass table TV, DVD, air conditioner remote control.

There is also a baggage rack.

King size bed in "Studio" type room. The double cushion bed seemed to be able to sleep easily for two people with reasonable hardness.

There was also a single bed in the pipe.

A huge tree table with a depth of 70 cm.

In the drawer the doorknob of the door appearing on the balcony ... ....

If you look closely, the balcony door was left open. Although there is no door knob, it was in a state that the door could be closed and the lock could be put on.

From the balcony the port of Suva at sunset. The quiet ocean is quite a view.

Returning to the room again, there is a table for two persons opposite the bed ......

When opening the side curtain, you could see the park on the south side from the huge window glass.

In the back of the room there is a closet on the left of the image, space for the cupboard and refrigerator on the right of the picture.

Closet with ample space.

Ironing and ......

There was also a security box.

On the cupboard on the right ......

Wine glasses and cups

The refrigerator at the bottom.

Tea and instant coffee of hot water type and paper pack type are also prepared in middle stage ... ....

Thanks to the fancy luncheon mat on the table, I enjoyed tea with luxurious mood.

The sanitary in the back of the room has a huge mirror, a perfect sense of quality.

There was also a 110 V outlet for the electric shaver on the wall, so if you forget the outlet adapter, you can use here.

The toilet is not a hot toilet seat. It may be impossible to seek a hot-water toilet seat in Fiji in a tropical country.

A set of towels was hung on the wall.

There is not a bathtub but a shower room type. Hot water came out with sufficient water pressure.

Amenity goods such as shampoo were also prepared.

I was impressed with the shape of a shell shell soap. This soap is a popular coconut soap as a souvenir for Fiji, the fragrance and the touch are pretty good, thanks to the comfortable use of the shower.

In the morning the barks of birds in the park in front of my eyes got used as an alarm clock.

The port of Suva is as calm as ever, with a relaxed atmosphere.

In the distance, you can check the boat of "Freshly sunk" that you could check on the way from the bus terminal.

Watching over the ocean, the police 's vehicle arrived at the road while giving up a loud noise.

The meaning that many people asked "Suba is not nice to the public" from the various people should be understood by a single shot when looking at the following movie.

A state where a police officer takes a culprit in Suva, the capital city of Fiji and takes on a police car - YouTube

By the way, I remembered that a lot of young people like gangs of Parker were hanging out in the park at night ... .... Local people says that it is better not to go out in the middle of Suva in the middle of the night.

In order to correct the mind and have breakfast, the person in charge came to greet us with a nice smile when going to the lobby.

However, the restaurant is under renovation. Of course, breakfast etc. are not available.

"I had a reservation with breakfast?" "Wow! Was it with breakfast? It was disappointing, is not it?" Although exchange was done, a nice smile for men, even if belly decreases, belly is I did not stand. In addition, by inquiring of the site which arranged the hotel at a later date, the breakfast fee will be refunded for $ 9.2 (about 1000 yen) in the US dollar.

The "Studio" type room we stayed at this time is 7357 yen in Japanese yen for 1 night (once for breakfast), and ranks the middle class hotel in Suva city area. Spacious room felt good even for long stay. Despite various problems, it was a hotel that I could recommend to people who said "Anyway spacious rooms are good!"

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