What kind of place is a 5 star hotel? I tried staying at "Pulitzer Amsterdam" where tradition and modern blended

There are various standards for each group that the hotel grades do,Hotels in HollandAre classified as 1 star to 5 star rating, 5 stars as the highest grade. Although I often hear "five star hotel", what actually is different? So, in the Netherlands · Amsterdam "Pulitzer AmsterdamI tried staying at the hotel.

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Pulitzer Amsterdam is located in the center of Amsterdam. Famous sightseeing spots such as Anne Frank's house, Dam Square and Jordaan district are within 15 minutes on foot but are located on the banks of the canal and very quiet.

The dark brown building on the other side of the boat is Pulitzer Amsterdam.

The entrance looks something like this.

Many flowers are displayed at the entrance. In the Netherlands / Amsterdam where cannabis is legalized, the smell of cannabis is full enough to feel "somewhat smelly" even if walking without knowing, so thanks to the flower you can refresh your nose to the extent that the journey will proceed I felt.

As soon as you enter, you can check the appearance of the lobby from the following movie.

"Pulitzer Amsterdam" Lobby - YouTube

The lobby is settled despite the furniture of bright colors such as wine red, yellow and bright blue, it is very refined impression.

A small round table has a picture of a ship. There was a large sofa and several small stools of one person.

Spacious space in the back.

It was a lounge where snacks can be eaten.

The surroundings of the lounge are glassed and a mechanism that can take in plenty of light. You can have tea and meals indoors, but you can spend it on the terrace.

There was even a swing.

The room was on the third floor, so we will move by elevator ... ...

The place to wait for the elevator is also chic and gorgeous but it is a fashionable space called modern.

Go through the corridor ......

Arrived in your room.

The key of the room was a hold-type card key.

You can check the inside of the room from the following movie.

"Pulitzer Amsterdam" indoor situation - YouTube

The room I stayed this time is a single room and the bed is a queen size which is spacious.

On the right side of the bed there is a retro phone and a memo pad.

Also there are two USB ports beyond the phone. It is a nice place for those who want to charge mobile terminals on the bedside. Wi-Fi was free.

There is also an outlet on the left side. In addition to this, the outlet was next to the desk around and the part that points the card key at the entrance.

A tote bag and an umbrella on the left side of the bed. There is a bathroom beyond that, but I was able to peek at the round window.

A slightly longer sofa and stools are placed at the foot of the bed, and there is a desk over there.

The desk looks something like this. There is a mirror in the center, but when you lower the mirror, there will be no hollowed part and it will be usable as a flat flat desk.

Beneath the lamp there were also cards and color paintbrushes that can also be postcards, jams, wooden tulips and so on.

On the other side are 2 cup and saucer, tea T bag, coffee · kettle, French press coffee maker.

On the right of the desk is a chest & large TV.

In front of the TV is mineral water & carbonated water, traditional sweets of the Netherlands "Stroke waffleIt was placed.

Open the door under the TV, refrigerator and so on.

Paid drinks and snacks were lined up in the fridge. If you purchase the necessary refrigerated food in the city without noticing it, it will become "Can not put what you purchased yourself ...! As there are several places where you can eat in the hotel and you can also order food with room service, it seems that guests are not making assumptions like "buy a salad at a supermarket and eat in a room".

Continue to the bathroom. It has a large mirror and a movable small mirror.

In front of the mirror are two polished glasses, amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion. I did not have a toothpaste set, but I can say it to the front desk.

The washbasin is like this.

In addition, because the outlet located next to the washbasin can only be used for shavings ... ...

It was necessary to use the outlet next to the part where you put the card at the entrance.

With the toilet ......

Next to that is a shower room. There is no bathtub.

In the closet, hanger, hair dryer, safe, slippers and so on.

In the drawer there was a laundry bag and an order sheet.

It was breakfast included this time, so I also saw the state of the restaurant.

Breakfast is buffet plus order form. The buffet is like this.

Smoked salmon, herbal smoked fish, pickled fish, cold fish dishes ......

Ham, cheese, quiche etc.

Bread is rich in variety.

I like to eat bread and get to bake.

Besides this, there were fruits, yogurt, cereals, etc, but this time I took it like this.

In addition, you can order hot dishes such as omelets and pancakes.

There is a buffet, too, is it small? While thinking that French toast was ordered, if you eat at a café in Tokyo etc., French toast with volume came out about 1000 yen less. There is plenty of maple syrup, but French toast itself is also burned with sugar and burned crisply, but it is very sweet, but it can be eaten with a perori strangely as you eat it with hot coffee It was finished.

The scenery is also outstanding as it is along the canal. You can spend a relaxing morning while watching the beautiful dawn.

In addition to what the country does,MichelinYaAAA NewsRoomThere are several organizations such as, but in the case of the NetherlandsHOTELSTARSThe union called is going. The 5 star standard set by HOTELSTARS is "Reception is operated 24 hours a day by multiple staff" "There are parking lots of type that a customer serviceist parks" "There is a concierge and a guide staff" There is a spacious reception hall with several sheets and drinks service "There is a personal welcome with flowers for each guest, or that gifts are placed in the room" "24 hours Food, drinks, mini bars are provided in the room, "" PCs that can use the Internet according to demand can be used in the room "etc. are mentioned.

Usually, when travelingAirbnbUsing,MonasteryI tried staying at the hotel or using an intermediate hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a dormitory, but I never used a luxury hotel, but the first thing I felt this time was that the facilities were very refined.

Also, the most surprised that I stayed at Pulitzer Amsterdam was that when I learned that it was Japanese on the first day in a restaurant that took breakfast, the staff said "I can only speak this" but "Hello" Although he spoke to us, on the next day the staff had been mastering Japanese such as "Good morning" "To here" "Coffee?" Other than "Hello". The other staff's correspondence was also very gentle and polite, I felt the excitement of hospitality.

As you can see from the above 5 star standards, some people feel that "such services are unnecessary", but the facilities are beautiful and calm everywhere, amenities are also fulfilling and "welcome I feel strongly "strongly. Also, there were not many conversations with the staff, but it may be the height of the hospitality to say that there are events that remain in the impression among them. When choosing an accommodation destination, it is important to clarify "what you are seeking", but those who are tired and who want to refresh, say, "During the day activities are outside, outside meals, hotel Even if you say "just sleep," it seems that you can spend relaxing time.

The price of the single room per night also varies depending on the staying day and reservation method, but the price confirmed at the time of article creation was from about 24,000 yen.

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