I went to a casino hotel with WiFi "Riviera" that can stay in the center of Las Vegas at 2700 yen

A cheap hotel in Las Vegas blvd (Las Vegas Boulevard) where casinos, restaurants, night clubs and so on line up are "Riviera Casino & amp; Hotel(Riviera Casino & Hotel) ". Gambling is legal in Las Vegas, so it seems that the hotel set cheap accommodation prices to attract customers to the casino2013 Shot showI decided to use it for coverage and check the atmosphere.

Las Vegas Hotels - Riviera Casino & Hotel

There is only casino installed, hotel appearance is very flashy.

At night it will take neon.

The corridor heading for the room is like this.

Arrived in front of the room.

Open the door with the card key.

The inside of the room as soon as it entered.

Looking at the entrance from the window side is like this.

Closet with iron and table.


The facility is not state-of-the-art, but the impression is impressive and clean impression.

The shower looks like this. Because warm hot water goes out properly in winter, it is very challenging in Las Vegas where it can be chilled.

A solid thick bath towel, a face towel and a foot towel are prepared.

Amenity is body lotion and shampoo, soap only. There is no shave or toothbrush so be careful.

A toilet beside the bathtub.

There is a mirror for dressing up next to the washroom.

Work desk.

Is not it supposed to work for a long time until coming to the casino, the chair of the chair is firm. In addition, since the wireless LAN which is not passworded can be used in the hotel hall, guests can basically use it freely.

It's inconvenient to connect a PC etc. because there are only two power supplies in the shadow of the shelf.

It has a TV but you can only watch paid broadcasts.

The bed is King size.

Put the 12-inch Let's Note on top to see the size of the bed.

Spring is comparatively tough.

There is a lamp and a drawer beside the bed.

The opposite side is like this.

Telephone and watch on the shelf, remote control for TV are on it.

There was also a safe.

It is easy to put in the bundle you got at the casino because it's easy to fit in a notebook PC.

There is a table, a chair and a sofa on the window.

The view from the window looks like this.

There is one air conditioner below the window.

A little old model to adjust temperature etc. by turning the dial.

Guests can get coupons that can be used at casinos and restaurants free of charge.

Please check the movie shot while going around the room below.

Cheap hotel in the center of Las Vegas "Riviera" indoor - YouTube

If you want to make a reservation, go to the hotel's site and press "BOOK NOW!" To proceed.

Because the fee is displayed like this, just select what you like and fill in the necessary items OK. The room fee varies depending on the time, but the Classic Room stayed this time seems to be available around 30 dollars (2700 yen) on weekdays and around 60 dollars (5400 yen) at the weekend.

That's why not to mention those who go to Las VegasCESPeople who wish to reduce travel expenses to other companies (Consumer · Electronics · Show) etc are checked as necessary.

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