Three-dimensional model of a fantastic atmosphere such as dragons and feather-raised cats "Creatures From El"

It is from Canada that I am making sculptures of a creature of a fantasy atmosphere that flew out of fantasy movies, such as dragons with grid-like wings, cats with feathers, reindeer with flowers blooming on a tunic Ellen Jewett artist. Jewett's mysterious sculpture made with lightweight clay is actually a handmade marketEtsyYou can also purchase at.

Creatures From El by creaturesfromel on Etsy

◆ 01:Sakura Caribou
Reindeer where cherry blossoms bloomed in a horn. $ 265 (approx. 24,000 yen)

◆ 02:Elephant
An elephant carrying a glittering basket. $ 265 (approx. 24,000 yen)

◆ 03:Bison with Crows
Bison and crow. $ 265 (approx. 24,000 yen)

◆ 04:The Butterfly Collector
A frog carrying a butterfly on his back is $ 345 (about 31,000 yen)

Lightweight clay is used to make details.

◆ 05:Tall Fox with Village
Design fox whose buildings are tied in the tail. $ 525 (about 47,000 yen)

◆ 06:Cheshire Cat
This is Cheshire Cat that appears in Alice in Wonderland. $ 525 (about 47,000 yen)

◆ 07:Ethereal Bird
Birds flinging to the heavens are about 41 centimeters in height and large in size. $ 525 (about 47,000 yen)

◆ 08:The cephalopod and the raven
Works in which ravens and squid-like creatures and forests merge. $ 525 (about 47,000 yen)

◆ 09:White Lattice Dragon
White dragon with latticed wings can customize pose and dragon design. $ 165 (approx. 15,000 yen)

Those of a standing design.

The white dragon of the wing like a bird seems to be about to fly now.

◆ 10:Spiny Fallow Dragon
This is a beautifully colored dragon. $ 325 (approx. 29,000 yen)

◆ 11:Red Dragon
The Red Dragon also costs $ 325 (about 29,000 yen)

◆ 12:Dragon Pair
There are also two pairs of dragons paired. $ 325 (approx. 29,000 yen)

◆ 13:Lady Coyote
Coyote finished with a refreshing and simple impression. $ 225 (about 20,000 yen)

◆ 14:Two Canines
Two wolf-like creatures with feathers. $ 225 (about 20,000 yen)

There are things of different designs for canine creatures.

◆ 15:A little rat
Rat with wings with flowers on the back. $ 145 (about 13,000 yen)

◆ 16:Peacock
Peacock saw the appearance of just flapping. $ 145 (about 13,000 yen)

◆ 17:Flying Fox
This is also a unique flying fox with latticed feathers. $ 225 (about 21,000 yen)

◆ 18:Bambi
The deer that the wing grew. $ 225 (about 21,000 yen)

◆ 19:CUSTOM ORDER Koi Pair
Koi with ornate design is $ 265 (approx. 24,000 yen)

◆ 20:CUSTOM ORDER Cat or Pet Sculpture small
Some cats have wings like angels. $ 145 (about 13,000 yen)

◆ 21:Pelican Panda Pagoda
There are also works in which three of Pagoda and Panda · Pelican have fused together in a strange way. $ 525 (about 47,000 yen)

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