I tried staying at "Tokyo Station Hotel" which we can stay at 0 minute walk from Tokyo station, the interior of the important cultural property hotel is like this

It is within the red brick staircase building of Tokyo Station designated as important cultural property in 2003Tokyo Station HotelIt opened in 1915, it was renewed as a luxury hotel while leaving the atmosphere of that time in 2012. The most expensive Royal suite is over 800,000 yen overnight, which is a price we can not afford for the general public, but I would like to stay at a beautiful important cultural asset with the best location of 0 minutes walk from the station ...... ! So I decided to stay at the Superior Twin of "Dome Side" that the station premises can be seen.

Tokyo Station Hotel 【Official】 | THE TOKYO STATION HOTEL

Tokyo Station Hotel can be accessed from outside the building, but it is also possible to enter from the station premises. First off to JR Marunouchi South Exit.

The Marunouchi South Exit is a domed ceiling restored to the design at the time of construction, making it a majestic.

Where do I enter the Tokyo Station Hotel? When wandering around ... ...

I found an entrance. ...... Thinking that, as you can see from "The TOKYO STATION HOTEL BANQUETS & RESTAURANTS", this was a party / restaurant / entrance.

The sub entrance of the hotel is here. It is quietly standing so that it seems to miss if you carelessly.

Go through the aisle ......

Pass by the lounge ......

To the front.

I will check in now.

Check in is done by tablet.

After check-in, we are headed by elevator to our room.

The inside of the elevator is also heavy design.

I got off the elevator and arrived at the floor of the room where I stayed. In order to enter the corridor in front of the guest room from the elevator hall, it is necessary to open the automatic door by holding the card of the room key, and the security is quite strict.

Go through the corridor ......

Arrived in the room.

I will hold the same card key that I opened the automatic door on the door.

There was an insertion port of the card key just after opening the door, and it was made possible to show that "Please do not wake" and "Please clean" out of the room with the button.

When entering the room ......

The room is like this. I stayed this time was arranged along the north and south dome of Tokyo stationDome side Superior Twin. The size is 44 square meters and the ceiling height is 3.9 meters.

You can also see the inside of the room from the following movies.

Tokyo Station Hotel "Dome Side Superior Twin" looks something like this - YouTube

Gorgeous chandeliers were hung from the ceiling.

Two beds with width 120 × length 203 cm are installed. There are two large and small pillows, and a cylindrical pillow for holding a pillow.

A small cabinet between the beds. A clock, a memo pad, a telephone, etc. are placed.

The notepad placed in the cabinet looked like a manuscript paper like a design. Even a little memo seems to be feeling like a literary man.

In addition to alarm and indoor light adjustment dials, there were buttons to inform the user that "Do not wake up" outside the room, and a lighting button of the foot lamp in the digital watch. It is convenient to bother to hang the tag "Please do not wake up" on the door of the room or push the button which was under the insertion port of the card key.

Night wear and emergency light in the drawer.

Emergency light is like this.

The lower row of the cabinet was a security box.

It is a general type that opens and closes using PIN code.

I tried spreading night wear. Two piece, not a gown type.

From the window opposite the bed, you can look down at the Tokyo station premises. It is hard to be able to overlook the people who go to and from the station from the room to stay.

However, because there is no permeation prevention filter etc. affixed to the window of the room, it seems to be able to understand the state of the room even from the station premises. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten curtains when you do not want to see the state of the room.

On the other side of the room are two sofas and an LCD TV.

Looking from another angle it is like this. A glass round table is placed so as to be sandwiched between two sofas.

A light stand behind the sofa.

There are two outlets at your feet. You can charge electronic equipment and so on.

The LCD TV is 40 inches.

Since the cabinet under the TV is empty, it is designed to allow you to transfer items such as clothing.

Air purifier next to the cabinet.

And there was a mirror on the left side of the sofa and a desk that could do the work.

Stand light above the desk.

Then,TIME, English tour guide of Tokyo,Discover JapanThere were magazines such as magazines etc. were lined up.

Although English information for foreigners is also available, Discover Japan is Japanese so you can get Japanese tourist information in Japanese.

Also, a leaflet of the Tokyo Station Hotel was also placed at the desk. In the hotelspaHowever, the face treatment can be taken from 12,000 yen for 60 minutes, the body treatment from 10,2960 yen for 30 minutes, head spa from the 10,800 yen 60 minutes.

Unique is a free lease smartphone "handyWhere there is. handy is capable of unlimited & free use of city, international calling and internet use, and easy access to the city guide in the surrounding area. It seems convenient for travelers from abroad.

In addition, the wall side of the desk was designed to be opened by pushing, and the terminals of the outlet and the LAN cable were hidden.

When I opened the drawer drawer, I got 3 beige files.

One is in the hotel guidance ......

On the other hand, there was a invoice for sending luggage from the left side from memo pad, sticker & bookmark & ​​postcard, disaster prevention guide, Tokyo station hotel.

The post card is a photograph of the night view of Tokyo station.

A bookmark looks like this. It is likely to be a souvenir around here.

The smallest file was a stand mirror.

Next, I will look at the bathroom.

There is a door made of smoked glass in front of entering the bathroom ......

When I opened the door, I became a toilet. Bathtub and toilet are independent forms.

The toilet looks something like this.

Of course, there is a washlet. There is also a telephone connected to the front desk for use.

The washbasin is like this.

Shampoo · conditioner · body soap prepared as amenity is "Gilchrist & Soames"American manufacturer" ENGLISH SPA "series.

Cosmetic soap was also ENGLISH SPA.

Box next to sink, body towel, hairbrush, toothpaste, hair band, shower cap, swab, body lotion etc.

Body lotion is also ENGLISH SPA's.

Under the washbasin was a dryer as well as a towel.

The dryer is made by Panasonic.

In addition, something is hiding under the sink? When I thought it and ......

It was a stylish weight scale.Camry ScalesIt seems to be that of.

Two bathrobes arrived across the sink.

Go into the bathroom separated by a glass door. Next to the shower head, the same shampoo as that which was placed on the washstand is placed.

shower head.

The bathtub looks like the following.

Furthermore, in the room there is also a corner of the mini bar familiar to the hotel.

Glass, cup, coffee cup, ice pale, coffee and tea pack, kettle pot etc.

Free tea packs,,Twining black teaEarl Gray & Darjeeling,POMPADOURApple and fruit, and rich variety.

Drip coffee is an original blend of Tokyo Station Hotel. This is a mild taste blend of two types of coffee beans, with 3 bags including 500 yen including taxActually sold.

Minibar also has mini-bottle of alcohol and sweets.

The drinking place was distinctive in design.

I opened the door under the mini bar and it was a refrigerator.

Besides paid drinks ......

Two free bottles of mineral water. There is a place where paid drinks are crammed in the refrigerator of the hotel and there is a place where you can not put what you bought yourself .... In the case of Tokyo Station Hotel there is space to some extent so you need to refrigerate It is okay to buy desserts and snacks.

There was also iron and ironing board in the closet of the room, so it is safe also when you need to iron the shirt quickly.

Of course, there is also laundry service.

Slippers are disposable ......

Umbrellas, clothes brushes, shoehorn and so on were also provided in the room.

In addition, this time we entered the hotel from the Tokyo station premises, but of course it is also accessible from outside. In that case, go under the glass roof leading to the hotel entrance and head towards the main entrance.

The main entrance is like this.

At night, the lighting up of the station building was done, and the brick-making Tokyo station became a beautiful and majestic atmosphere. Access is the best in anyway because it is a hotel in the station premises, both the outside and the inside of the building are made very beautiful, so you can rest your tired body slowly on a long trip.

In addition, the dorm side Superior Twin stayed at this time is the price at the time of booking and 2 people per night is 64 thousand yen. Prices vary depending on the type, schedule and accommodation plan of the room. For example, from May 30, 2 people per night, slightly smaller than the Superior TwinClassic Comfort TwinThere was also a plan to stay at about 35,000 yen in the room of, that is, about 18,000 yen per person. People who want to enjoy a historic and heavy hotel are likely to be included in one of the options, as it is a handy price compared with the Royal suite of 800,000 yen per night.

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