I tried staying at a business hotel "Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM Kanda" such as a large public bath in the bed based on sleep science, free beer & noodles with soba noodle

Located 1 minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Kanda Station, 6 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Train Station, with a public bath, free beer & noodles with soba service, and the bed is also adopted for luxury hotels worldwide Bed maker "SimmonsAlthough it is the thing of "It is possible to stay at 10,000 yen per night"Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM KandaI tried staying at the hotel.

【Official】 Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM Kanda / Kanda Hotel - Hot Spa

Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM Kanda is a 1 minute walk from Exit 6 of Tokyo Metro Ginza Line · Kanda Station. In addition, it is within a distance of walking from several stations, such as JR Akihabara station, electric town mouth approximately 6 minutes on foot, Toei Shinjuku line Iwamoto cho station / Ogawamachi station 4 minutes on foot.

In terms of address, "1-16 Kanda Sumida-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo"

Heading for the entrance, 7-Eleven on the first floor. It is convenient to be able to buy it at the moment when you noticed "I forgot something!" In the middle of the night.

There are stairs leading to the 2nd floor in the building, but because there are big luggage, we do not use the stairs, heading to the door on the 1st floor.

The entrance door is like this.

Leave the front desk on the second floor with an elevator.

This is the front.

It is a machine of automatic check-out that is set up at the front. You can check out by inserting the room key.

Finish the check-in and move to the room at once.

When entering the room it looks like this. The room is spreading beyond a short aisle ... ...

On entering the right side there are sinks, refrigerators, electric kettles and tea preparations. There is a bathroom on the left side.

You can also see the inside of the room from the following movies.

Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM Kanda's table type double room is like this - YouTube

Because the key of the room is a card key type, I put it in the inlet of the entrance of the room.

The room we stayed at this time is a table type double room with a size of 15 m². There is a desk & chair that seems to be able to sit down next to the bed.

A single bed of 140 × 195 cm is said to be "bed changing mattress"SimmonsIt is. Simmons' bed is developed to pursue high quality sleep by taking advantage of sleep science, and it is often used in luxury hotels.

Looking back from the room with the bed to the entrance side, the following feeling, there is a sliding door between the room and the aisle is rare in the hotel.

The desk next to the left of the bed, the desk where the television is located is a type that also functions as a substitute chest ......

Security boxes were installed in one of them. It is a general type that locks by inputting a PIN number.

Below the security box is Panasonic'sNanoie humidification generator.

There is a mirror next to the TV.

The mirror is foldable design.

Other than that, there is a memo pad on the desk and a telephone.

When you open the memo pad, it looks like this.

In addition to 2 outlets, LAN cable terminals as well.

Also, in front of the bed there was a small round table and chairs so you can put your luggage and drink tea.

A side table and a garbage box next to the bed.

On the side table there are also lighting adjustment dials and buttons, outlets, watches, lightning cable & micro-USB cable for charging, and feeling that everything you need is exactly what you need.

And, at the Dormy Inn PREMIUM Kanda, noodle soda is provided for free from 21:30 to 23:00. When we arrived at the hotel without missing the timing to eat, or when we got a little hungry in the middle of the night, it was a sacrifice.

I confirmed the inside of the room and I went back to the aisle again. There is a washroom on the right side ...

A cup and a hair dryer were placed. The cup for toothpaste is fashionable design of stainless steel.

In addition, foam hand soap is placed in the washbasin ... ...

A towel was hung on the right side.

Amenity is toothbrush, razor, brush, cotton swab etc Both are unified in black.

There is a refrigerator and a cupboard under the sink.

I opened the cupboard and found that there were two cups ......

Electric kettle, drip coffee, green tea were prepared.

I will open the door behind the washroom across the aisle.

It was a toilet.

There is a type with washlette etc.

There is a further door on the other side of the toilet ... ...

When opened it was a shower room. Because there is no bathtub, people who want to take in hot water use a public bath.

Besides the body soap ......

Shampoo & Conditioner is like this.

Room wear was put on the closet on the entrance side of the room.

Slippers are not disposable type, but there is an indication that it has been cleaned.

Towels were also placed under the closet.

In addition, the characteristic of Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM Kanda is where there is a large public bath "Meigyo no yu" that used super soft water instead of a bath with a room.

I could not take a picture of the bath, but inside is like this. There is a sauna and a water bath.

There is space where you can put a dose in the place where you leave men's hot water. The public bath is on the top floor, the 12th floor, so it's superb view, and if you are a guest, it is a great deal that draft beer and juice will be provided free of charge between 19:00 and 22:00.

Because the manga is lined up all together, I can spend relaxing time with a bath as I drink a cold drink.

There was a small shrine saying, "It was divided from Toyokawa Inari Shrine and protected this place from long ago." It seems that money luck may be up.

This time it was a plan without breakfast but it was possible to attach breakfast as an option, so we used Viking in the morning. About 30 items using seasonal ingredients such as buckwheat and fried tempura are prepared.

I took a tempura from the morning.

Other than that, bread and ......


Side dishes such as sushi rolls

Fruits, desserts, juices, coffee latte and so on. You can have breakfast tightly in preparation for the full day of the schedule.

Meijin no yu Dormy Inn PREMIUM The price of Kanda is around the timing of the accommodation and the type of the room, but when staying this time, it is adult 1 person / night, no tax and includes tax of 10,590 yen. The breakfast was optional 1500 yen including tax.

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