I tried staying at "Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei" which changed the Kimono ya built in Meiji into a hotel

Accommodation in Kyoto has increased dramatically in recent years, and not only typical and uniform "hotel", but Kyoto uniqueMachiyaMany things with unique concepts such as lodging facilities using the 'Academy of the Grandma' and accommodations with the theme of 'Grandmother's medicine' are born. "Aiming to stay in such a place ......" a media-oriented tour of a unique accommodation where you can glimpse the new worldBooking.comIt was about to be carried out, so I tried participating.

【Official】 Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shimacho Branch - Accommodation around Shijo Station, Karasuma Station, Machiya

The first thing we headed for was the renovation of the Kimonoya Building built in 1876, which was built in 1907,Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei". The address is "361 Hexagoncho descending down Shinkansen, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City", and it is a 7-minute walk from Hankyu Kyoto line 22 Karasuma station exit.

When entering a narrow alley from the main street, the old building is walking along the lined street ... ...

Arrived at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei. Looking only at the first floor, it looks like a Japanese style wooden building, but the upper floor part is modern.

The entrance looks something like this.

Even if you go through the goodwill into the building, the lobby does not spread soon, it is an entrance ... ...

The ceiling tree is a thing which relocated the main pillar / beam which was used in the merchant house before renovation.

The garden stone used in the garden on the side is also one of the old merchant house.

This is the lobby.

There is a Japanese garden in the center of the building, and in the lobby it is possible to take a break while watching the beautiful green. Buildings are made in a way that surrounds the garden,Nowadays the shrine where Kanaka lived was a registered tangible cultural property tenement "Tanoshi Yoshi 100"Same as.

Room to stay this time is on the 4th floor. With the elevator go up to the 4th floor ......

The courtyard looked like this.

The key of the room is a card key type. In addition, because the door to the elevator hall can also be opened with the card key, the key is also necessary to go to the target floor with the elevator, so security was quite strict.

So when you open the door ... ...

Atmosphere that Japanese room is modern.

You can check the inside of the room by going around the following 360 degree image.

Post from RICOH THETA. -Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

You can check also in the following movie.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Xincho Branch's Moderate Twin is like this - YouTube

This time I stayed in Moderate Twin type, with two beds.

On the bedside is a woody alarm clock and a light switch in the room.

Since there is also an outlet, it is also possible to charge electronic devices such as smartphones at the bedside.

The bed was firmly firm type.

In the front of the bed, a television and an elongated workbench.

Humidifier under the table.

There is a TV remote control and writing utensils in the part like a drawer under the table ......

In the red purse, there was a charger with various terminals such as Micro - USB terminal, terminal for FOMA 3 G, terminal for CDMA au, Lightning terminal etc. Even if you carelessly forget the charger you can charge the smartphone etc.

Besides this, there are something like a white note along with tissue and telephone on the table ......

This was a mirror. Some hotels may have a large mirror in front of the desk in the room, but at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Xincho Branch, it is replaced by a folding mirror.

There are two sofas on the window.

There is also an outlet on the side beside the sofa, you can work with a PC using here or in front of a TV, but it is necessary to change the direction of the chair or to be a sofa that does not work very much in the first place The impression that the person who says "I want to work for hours without spreading PCs and materials," seems to be a little hard. Furthermore, Wi-Fi is free, around 22 o'clockBNR speed testAs a result of measuring the line speed, the estimated downlink transmission rate was 516.54 Kbps.

There was a refrigerator here.

There are refrigerators with pierced food & drinks tightly in the hotel, but there are two 500ml free mineral water inside. So, I can not put the food I bought ...! No need to eat in a hurry.

A water heater on the next shelf.

Coffee and tea etc were also prepared.

Bathroom is unit type, bathtub is partitioned by curtain.

Sometimes enter the bathtub in the room, but the artificial carbonated springThere was also a public bath..

The toilet has a shower toilet.

Amenity was tooth paste, makeup remover, lotion, milky lotion, hair turban, cotton, brush, shower cap, razor, cotton swab and so on.

As it was a stay plan with breakfast, breakfast of the next morning to the restaurant "IZAMA" on the first floor.

It is a fashionable cafe atmosphere.

Breakfast is buffet style.

Kujo Oniga and Red Konnyaku Numata, Komatsuna and fried souvenrushi tofu, Nozomaru and a few child's Matsumae ... ...

There are lots of Kyoto feeling such as Takano tofu and soaking in green beans, and Hiro Sui and boiled taro.

Steamed steamed liquor which can be selected from lemon salt · sesame poong vinegar · red miso etc., boiled tofu.

Soba noodles.

Salt-grilled mackerel · boiled on a boil · Chicken's salt and pepper grill.

Besides that, cakes and Western-style side dishes are lining up.

You can choose rice from white rice and bean rice.

Rice porridge and ...

White miso soup

Miso soup


Various breads

Juice or milk


For yogurt it is possible to add sources of kidney bean sprouts, dried fruits, black nectar, mango and kiwi ......

In addition to cornflakes and fruit granola, Warabi mochi also.

There were also desserts such as fruits and cakes.

Coffee is OK for takeout.

What I stayed this time isModerate TwinThere are variations depending on the reservation date and time,I confirmed it on Booking.com, If it is a weekday, the total amount of two people a night from June 13 (Tue) to 14 (Wed) at the time of article creation is about 14,000 yen (about 7000 yen per person), breakfast is optional There was a thing of 2592 yen. There are many restaurants in the vicinity of the station, so the location is good, there are so many designers involved, the inside of the building is sophisticated Japanese modern atmosphere, unless you are a person who wants to work hard in the room, you can spend relaxingly and It was a hotel that could be enriched from morning with a fulfilling breakfast.

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