I tried staying at the Showa Retro "Fengmenkan Morikawa Annex" in the city center where I can stay from 4500 yen

In the year 2000 the main building was designated as a registered tangible cultural asset, preserving the traditional tree cultureBodaikan"is. It was divided into three buildings in the main building, Taichung annex building, Morikawa annex building, and it was in a calm atmosphere that I could not believe that I stayed in the city center, so I decided to stay at the "Morikawa Annex" out of the three accommodation facilities It was.

Hoengekan HOMEIKAN

The address of the Morikawa Annex is "Hongo 6-23-5, Bunkyo ku, Tokyo"

The inn was in a residential area walking about 10 minutes from Tokyo Metro Namboku Line "Tokyo University Front Station".

A gate design that trees will delight.

There is atmosphere from the entrance.

As it was raining, there were many umbrellas in front of the entrance in front of the sign saying "Please use freely."

Trying inside, it looks like this.

There is acceptance on the right side entering. Although it is a Japanese-style ryokan, the lights at the entrance are western style, and it is built for a favorite person.

Entering a rest space on the left side.

There is a sofa in front of the table.

Newspaper and ashtrays on the table. It seems that smoking is also possible.

Also, there were novels and sightseeing guides for foreigners.

Because PC is also put and it can be used freely, it seems that the investigation thing while traveling will go smoothly. In addition, Internet connection by wireless LAN is possible inside the hall.

Since I had booked the room on the second floor this time, I went upstairs to the second floor. This staircase is wooden and has a nostalgic atmosphere.

Arrived on the second floor.

"Across the autumn leaves" to stay this time.

The door is a sliding door, but the key is attached properly.

The door was supposed to be able to lock properly from the inside.

So that's right.

You can understand the state of "between autumn leaves" for one person by seeing the following movie.

The room of the retro inn in the city center "Morikawa Annexe" which can stay over from 4500 yen is like this - YouTube

Small desk and cushion for one person.

There was preparation of tea and home pies of tea request.

The back of the room is like this.

Television and telephone

Refrigerator and safe are also provided.

The dressing table is also the atmosphere that seems to come out in the movies.

"Information on evacuation route" and "Information on disaster prevention" hanging on the wall.

There are yukata, bath towels, towel, toilet set and toothpaste in the room.

The windows are doubled.

When I unlock the key and open the window ......

Japanese gardens can be seen, and you can have an elegant morning that you do not think you are in the city center.

In the evening, spread futon and suyasuya.

The pillow looks like a straw material.

Morikawa annex building is not equipped with toilet and bath in each room, so you need to use shared toilet and public bath. There was an entrance on the first floor of the public bath.

The left is for men, the right is for women.

Because the bottom of the stairs is taking a bath, let's take a bath with towels, bath towels, toothpastes etc. that were in the room.

The corridor is like this.

There were four garbage boxes classified as burnable garbage, burnable garbage, sky can, and sky bin on the corridor.

Lattice windows contain patterns like plum blossoms.

Shared water is also used.

Here you can wash your face and toothpaste in the morning and evening.

It is also possible to sprinkle water using silver tatami.

Although it is okay to stay in a room at the Mingiko Morikawa annex, I could also have breakfast, so I tried breakfast this time.

Contents, ham · vermicelli salad

Boiled konnyaku and burdock

Boiled bean with fish cake

White rice. As soy sauce and sauce were attached, seasoning can be adjusted.


There was also Daifukuishishi dessert.

Incidentally,Accommodation excluding breakfast 1 person tax 4,500 yenFrom. There is also a holiday charter for the whole inn ryokan and a day plan for 20 people, so you can enjoy a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere by traveling by a large number of people from a single trip.

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