I tried staying at a ryokan "Ryokan West Suburb" that is a tangible cultural asset registration with a magical appearance to stay over from 6000 yen

Registered tangible cultural propertyIt is registered inAppears in one scene of animationI also doRyokan West Suburbs"From the nearest station to Shinjuku can be reached by train in about 10 minutes, if you stay as a night inn, it is possible to stay from 6000 yen per night. At the ryokan west suburbs which already has a unique atmosphere from its appearance, I stayed staying because I was concerned about what kind of room I can stay in.

Ryokan West Suburbs

It is about 7 minutes on foot from Ogikubo Station South Exit of JR · Tokyo Metro, and there is the Ryokan West Suburb.

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This is the Western Suburb Lodging (New Wing), which is adjacent to the Ryokan West Suburb (Main Building).

North Sub Lodging was built in 1938 and now it is a rental apartment.

There is only what was built before the Second World War, and you have to read the letters of "Gunniro Suburbs" on the wall from the right to the left.

At the corner of the intersection there is a western submarine logging, adjacent to which there is the western suburb of the inn.

Well next to the side that stretched sideways ......

I found an entrance to the west suburb of Ryokan.

Go through the gate ......

excuse me for disturbing you.

The floor looks like a flooring at first glance, but it is parquet flooring.

Once you arrive at the inn, you will be greeted by your husband and female general, so if you check in at the sofa next to the entrance, you can complete the check-in procedure.

There is also a fireplace of the mantelpiece that was once used here. However, it seems that the stove which is placed before that is now the leading role.

There is a shield on the mantelpiece indicating that it is registered as a registered tangible cultural property.

There is also a retro electric gramophone, but a Japanese doll is placed on top of it, it seems that it is not currently used.

After a couple of climbs, go up the stairs and head to the room to stay.

The passage on the second floor is like this.

And we arrived between 'Tsuru' staying this time.

The entrance is a sliding door, but you can firmly lock the door.

That's why I will enter the room. When entering the room from the entrance it is like this.

During a "crane" in the ryokan western suburbs like this - YouTube

At the entrance, the floor plan of the inn is affixed, so you can see where there is what.

And when I enter the room ......

Like this. The size is 8 mats.

This is the key of the room, the husband of the inn taught how to lock the door.

The ceiling isBottom of ceiling.

When looking up at the ceiling it certainly looks like a ship's bottom.

Futon is laid in the middle of the room, and electric blankets are also available, so it's warm.

The interior is heated by this electric fan heater, it is very comfortable and warm.

There was a small desk next to the futon and tea and pot were prepared.

The room is also equipped with air conditioning.

I also found a mysterious shelf.

There were kimba ornament in this.

Besides, stand light


TV and safe

Hanger and clothes rack

Emergency light

An alarm clock etc are prepared.

In the courtyard there is a Japanese garden boasting of the west suburbs of the inn and the view from the room we stayed is like this. There seems to be a room with better view than this room.

The toilet is located in two places outside the room.

There is also a sink near the toilet.

In addition, I found a microwave oven in the empty space of the aisle.

Also, in the darkness of the first floor ...

Vending machine ant.

There is bottle juice inside like this.

Bottle juice can be purchased for 100 yen ......

It seems that the bottle opener is sticking to the vending machine.

In addition, the bath is in the back of the first floor. Display of "bathroom washroom" is a landmark.

The bath is like this, so be careful as it can not be entered by a large number of people.

The bathroom also has shampoo and conditioner.

And after finding shampoo & rinse and shaving vending machines in the bathroom, how long is this vending machine in place ...?

Check in is from 16 o'clock and check out is until 10 am the next morning. As the gate is closed at midnight in the evening, it may not be suitable for people who wish to go out at night. Internet connection facilities are also available, and the price is 6000 yen to 8500 yen as a night stay, and the price seems to change with "the position of the room (whether you can see the courtyard from the room)" "the size of the room" "room decoration" . It is also possible to have breakfast (840 yen including tax) and dinner (2500 yen including tax), and transportation is also good as it is about 10 minutes by train to Shinjuku.

Not only the exterior of the building but also the interior decoration of the craftsmen's ancestry remains, it is possible to meet a lot of retro things such as mantelpiece, electric gramophone, vending machine, and the unique inside the building I felt good old Japan from the atmosphere, it was a mysterious inn where the relaxed time flows though it is in the city.

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