Ryokan-style hotel "Tokushima Grand Hotel Kairakuen" at the foot of Mt. Bizan

Staying at "Tokushima Grand Hotel Kairakuen" which advocates "a hotel with a rare inn of style in the city center" that is likely to be a candidate for accommodation when visiting Tokushima at events such as Awa Odori and Machi ★ Asobi Saw. It is a little away from the station of JR, but it also has a spacious Japanese style room, where you can spend a relaxing stay even for a longer stay.

Tokushima Grand Hotel Kairakuen

Location is 1 - chome Iga - cho, Tokushima prefecture.

Appearance is such a feeling, it is quite big hotel.

In the elevator,Awa dance collaboration posterIt was pasted.

There are 3 kinds of Western style room / Japanese style room / Japanese style room, but this time we stayed in a Japanese style room. Therefore, it takes shape to take off the shoes to the room.

The entrance of the room is like this.

Opening the bran ... ...

A floor had already been prepared.

Because it is a Japanese style room, it is not a table but a seat + cushion.

Seat chairs are also available for closet.

Air conditioner on the wall.

Safe boxes, pots, TV sets and phones line up.

Because it is a Japanese style room, there is also a floor garden.

On the wider side of the window side is a facing sofa set.

Yukata and towels are in a wide edge.

On the other side is a mirror stand and a refrigerator.

Toilets and baths are outside of the guest room. The glass door at the back is a bath, the part where the brightness is before it is the washroom, and the door on the side is a toilet.

The toilet is rather narrow.

It is equipped with hot water washing toilet seat.

A washbasin is like this and a hairdryer is placed here.

When it is a business hotel, the bath of the room is often available for 24 hours freely, but it is caution here because the use time is limited between 6 AM and 9 PM and 5 PM to 11 PM.

With a shower ......

There is a bathtub, but there is a public bathhouse of quasi-natural radium spa, so we recommend you use that if you want to relax.

There are 40 parking lots free of charge, so it's a bit far from JR 's Tokushima station, but if you come by car, you should not be bothered by that. Despite being in a multi-customer period, we were able to stay at less than 8000 yen per person per night and was quite saved.

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