Polynesian Residence, a hotel with a cozy kitchen just fresh in the middle of Waikiki, at an affordable price

In Hawaii, where you will spend money, you have to throw away something to get something, and you have to give up “cost” to stay in a cozy hotel, “access”, “feeling of peace” etc. for cheap accommodation There is a trade-off relationship of not getting The two-person hotel in the 10,000-yen range tends to be highly rated in terms of age and cleanliness throughout the house, but it has just been renovated in 2018 and has good facilities, the best access in the middle of Waikiki, and Wi- I stayed at ' Polynesia Residence ' where Fi free and a kitchenette were attached.

Waikiki's Newest Boutique Hotel | Polynesian Residences


The Polynesian Residence, also known as the Polynesian Plaza Hotel, is right in the middle of Waikiki, close to the Eggs' n Things Saratoga Street Store.

It is in a busy city with shops lined up ...

This building is Polynesia Residence. There is a shop on the first floor, and the rooms above the second floor are rooms.

The hotel entrance was caught between the shops and shops, and it was likely to miss it when it was accidentally.

If you go inside ...

Although small in size, the receptionist is small and stylish. The lady at the hotel staff was also very polite.

The lobby looks like this.

There is also a table, Wi-Fi is available for guests, and free water is available, so you can work here as well.

Next to the lobby is the swimming pool, a quiet and soothing space that doesn't make you feel at all in the city.

I requested 'In a quiet room' and this time I was taken to the room on the 5th floor. As room is card key type, as elevator to head to room moves to type with card key, security is solid, too.

Enter the room.

The state of the room can be seen from the following movie.

Polynesian Residence-Hotel with high accessibility and kitchen-cozy-YouTube

This time I stayed in a room with one king size bed.

There is a sofa that you can relax next to the bed ...

There is an LCD TV and a desk opposite the bed.

A security box and a refrigerator under the TV.

The refrigerator is not filled with drinks and food, but it is empty, so it's good for people who want to source food outside. There was also a frozen space in the upper right.

There was a luggage storage next to the TV.

The desk looks like this. The chair is also of a type with a caster & can sit loose, so it is perfect for working with a PC etc.

In addition, there are also multiple USB ports and outlets, and the point is high.

Even people who have a lot of cameras, smartphones and electronic devices can charge smoothly.

In addition, the outlet also under the desk.

In addition, get a password of Wi-Fi together with the card key of the room. As the speed of free Wi-Fi was down 26Mbps, I was able to proceed with work quickly.

I look like this when I look back on the bed from the window side.

When we made room with kitchenette, microwave oven and coffee maker came.

The coffee maker is from Kuurig. There are 4 coffee capsules, which are free, but next to

Fiji water is 4 dollars (about 450 yen). There is Seven-Eleven within 30 seconds of walking from the hotel, so if you buy water there, it's OK.

There are two cups in the drawer. There are no dishes and cutlery, so it's better to say 'room with microwave' rather than 'kitchenette'.

There is nothing in the shelf under the kitchen counter either ...

The drawer in the closet was also empty.

The bathroom looks like this.

The toilet has a washlet.

There is no bathtub but only a shower room ...

The wash basin is spacious.

There were shampoo, rinse, body wash, body cream and soap for hand washing around the water, but there was no toothpaste set.

As this room is for two people, two sets of towels and bath towels were prepared.

There are restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets and shops around the hotel, and the environment is lively, but the hotel was very quiet and calm. In the off-season accommodation of April, 14,000 yen in one room and two people, resort fee paid locally there is $ 20 (about 2200 yen) and accommodation fee per person is about 8,000 yen per night. People who want to feel the feeling of a spacious resort, as well as those who want to work on a PC locally, have become a very easy-to-use hotel with the comfort that it brings.

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