I tried staying at a three star hotel in Dubai though it is poor backpacker

"If it is in Dubai ... ... it will definitely do something if it is in Dubai." With such expectation in mind, I tried searching for a high lodging which does not always stay over the internet. It is 828 m in artificial building and boasts the world's highest heightBurj Khalifa, Of an artificial island floating in the offshore areaPalm IslandDubai of the United Arab Emirates that is transforming into a city of the near future, with the luxury resort named Moru of the Emirates with indoor ski resort and the fund obtained by exporting oil. Before I visited, I had a strict Muslim image, but it was crowded with so many tourists that I blew away it.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ CharridermanIs ... ... has deposited bicycles and luggage in Tunisia, made a backpacker debut, and is traveling around the Gulf countries of the Arabian Peninsula. I am staying in many cheap accommodations in my trip, but I would like to see luxury hotels even once. From such information that I do not have a cheap hotel in Dubai, I stayed at a different hotel than usual unless it is only now. If you pay the same money cost performance may be outstanding. We will deliver hotel information of such Dubai.

◆ Three Star Hotel
Arrival from Tunisia via Jordan to Dubai and wishing to attend an arrival visa just go with a stamp. Because it was a late-night flight, I waited at the airport and started the action after the dawn dawn. Dubai International Airport is easy to move because it is connected with the subway. Because I had time, I bought an international bus ticket to Oman and headed to the hotel I had reserved.

This review was written in 'Savoy Central Hotel Apartments'

I can not believe that this building is all a hotel

Because I wanted to leave my luggage and wanted to go sightseeing, I arrived early in the morning at 10 o'clock earlier than check in, but I got in the room as it was. It is necessary to pay 10 dirham (about 270 yen) as a tourism fee at check-in.

The floor outside the room is also beautiful as it does not rest.

The key is card type

This is the room of about 8000 yen a night stayed this time. Anyway, I wanted to relax, so I chose a big room.

Direction from bed to entrance

When you want to relax, go gorge with this sofa.

This desk spreads the PC and it was working space.

In the closet there is an ironing board and a safe

A big bed that seems to be able to sleep both vertically and sideways

A woman may be necessary for a woman

The room is also equipped with a kitchen

Toaster and electric kettle in microwave. I had coffee and tea, so I boiled hot water and drank it.

There is also a refrigerator so you can keep your drinks cool. There was also a washing machine, so I wash all the clothing on hand.

The control panel of the air conditioner is why Fahrenheit display.

Even when I looked over the room, I could not confirm the shape of the air conditioner itself, and there were some such air outlets on the ceiling.

Designed so that the power supply of the whole room will be dropped unless a card key is inserted. However, as you can get two card keys at the beginning, it is possible to keep the power on at all times.

The power outlet is an English type with three legs, but one conversion adapter was also included.

Bath and toilet are clean and beautiful.

Amenity was also substantial. The box that I thought was soapy contained a shower cap, a sanitary kit such as a bandage plaster or a cotton swab.

A dryer can also be used. What was the white ring light?

There was such a bathtub, so I was able to reach the bathtub after a long interval.

I washed all of the clothes, so I wore a gown.

The room also had a balcony

The street in front of the hotel. It is convenient because there is a supermarket in the place of 2 minutes on foot.

Pool on the roof is complete. We also have a training gym and sauna.

Overlooking the skyscrapers of Dubai including Burj Khalifa

The lobby of the bright and beautiful hotel which wanted to escape with the usual travel clothes.

The restaurant is open at the lobby too

PC corner for guests

There was also a touch panel type tourist information

Discover full automatic shoe polishing machine

Wi-Fi is connected to the internet even in the room. Access point is not protected, but additional login was required. I get the code at the reception, but I was surprised to seem to be using the NTT DoCoMo system.

Once you enter the code you can connect to the internet

Although the charge is written in the details of the plan, the usage fee of the internet is included in the homestay fee, so this is the hotel's contract information.

◆ Sightseeing nearby
This hotel is nearest to the station "Al Fahidi" subway. Because it is close to the historical district called Old Dubai, I found time and started exploring.

Dubai Museum where the history and culture of Dubai are displayed

Water tank that was important because it is a hot place

Map of the Arabian Peninsula in 1570

The figure of "Ami - chan" in Dubai ... .... Around that time there used to be the origin of natural pearls, but in JapanYukichi MikimotoDecline due to the industrialization of pearl farming by. Discovery of oil in a devastating situation rebuilds the economy and leads to the current Dubai.

Bustaquia district where old townscapes are preserved

The wall of an urban area built with the birth of the town of Dubai still remains here.

Fantastic white mosque

As Dubai Creek has frequent contact ships, you can easily cross over to the other side.

It is not a skyscraper Dubai of the downtown of the opposite shore

◆ Youth Hostel
While I was staying in Dubai, I wanted to stay in this hotel forever, but for the second night and the third night I moved to the hostel from the circumstances of the budget which does not go. Even though it will cost 3452 yen per night, the quality that Wi - Fi is charged, there is no locker, no ami. Although it became a shared room, I could not be relieved to the customer who was different from the traveler, such as a person coming by hand only for sleeping in transit and a businessman who checked in at midnight.

Youth hostel near the subway station "Stadium"

Room equipped with air-conditioning gun, attached fridge, with shower / toilet. At first, breakfast was attached, but ....

◆ Reservation on the Internet
I got an air ticket to Dubai at Expedia.com, but I was attracted by the guide that "we will get hotel to stay" as a bonus, I just searched for a hotel. The Japanese version of Expedia.co.jp seems to be narrower than the original Expedia.com, so the same results are not available on the two sites. However, because Expedia.com is settled in US dollars, Expedia.co.jp, which is settled in Japanese yen depending on the exchange fee, is also beneficial. Flight tickets and hotel reservations are also entering the international competition by the Internet and I am at a loss what to use.

This review was written in "Savoy Central Hotel Apartments" because the reviews were high within the budget. Because it has 3 stars, it is a 3 star hotel, is not it?

In this case what was wrong was a choice of two adults. Of course there was no opponent and it was a big blunder in the game of "staying at a hotel not to stay". I compared a lot of sites, and I was not careful enough. Perhaps I wanted to search for "2 nights", but I think that I made it to "2 people" ....

Is it true that it will be $ 65 (about 6600 yen), "Because you booked a flight (because I reserved a ticket)" where the usual price is $ 259 (about 26,000 yen)?

Here is a detailed hotel guide. Various taxes were added to the first $ 65 and it was 76.32 dollars (about 7700 yen), but it was booked.

When online reservation is completed, Expedia.com will send you the following confirmation email.

Attention that refund is impossible in red. As hotel costs have been withdrawn at the time of booking, money will not be returned even if canceled from now.

Charge details

Here is the guide of 10 dirham's Tourism fee paid at check-in.

Dubai, which continues to develop as an international tourist city, will not be troubled by the hotel even though there is no cheap hotel. This hotel was about 8000 yen for 2 people, so if it was 2 people it would have been about 4000 yen per person. If it is one from the beginning it will be the choice of a youth hostel, so Dubai recommends sightseeing with more than one person. Even for Burj Khalifa, even for a shopping mall, it seemed fun to be with someone.

Even if it made a mistake, the accommodation of an unprecedented hotel was satisfactory enough. Dubai, which is unique in character, such as the 7-star Hotel "Barge Al Arab" and the "Jumeirah Beach Hotel" with a wave-like building. If I can go someday, I would like to stay at an interesting hotel.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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