I played a dungeon exploration game "Dicey Dungeons" featuring a simple battle screen using dice

"Dicey DungeonsIs a dungeon explorative roguelike game featuring battles using dice with a retro game-like appearance. The game is scheduled to be released to Steam which is a download sale platform for PC games, and it is also considering correspondence to iOS and Android. Since the test version of Dicey Dungeons was released, I actually played and confirmed what kind of game it was.

Dicey Dungeons

Dicey DungeonsWhen accessing the article, version 0.7 which is the test version was released at the time of article creation. Click "Play Dicey Dungeons 0.7 here".

The screen to select whether to play with HTML version 5 or Flash version is displayed. This time I will play "HTML5 version".

As the game of Dicey Dungeons starts, click "Play".

Character selection screen is displayed, you can choose 3 characters of "physical warrior" (Warrior), "Thief" mainly based on tricky attack, "Inventor" which can generate items . For this time we decide to select "warrior" and click the "Select" button under Warrior.

Then the game started immediately. The screen has a retro style appearance, it is a simple thing to defeat the enemy in the road by operating the character you chose earlier, and lead it to the ladder of the red frame and proceed to the next stage.

Clicking on the trout on the way ......

Although the character moves, the enemy character never moves. Repeated wrong move, there is no such thing as enemy character surrounded everywhere, so you can think of your action slowly. I will start battle with enemy character immediately. Click on the enemy character in the upper left ... ...

Battle started. The appearance is a Pokemon style battle screen. To physically attack enemies here, simply drag and drop the dice into a dice style frame in Sword's box. Here we drag and drop the fifth dice roll.

Then I was able to do the same 5 damage as the dice that I dragged and dropped.

Next I'll try using the skill specific to warriors. Click "Reroll" ......

Dice not being used are reoriented and change to eye 3.

In addition to redoing dice, warriors have the skill to change the number of eyes of dice to +1 or -1. Drag and drop the dice to Tweaks ......

Click "+".

Then the eyes of the dice changed to "4". If you use this well to attack it, it will be possible to continue giving enemies high damage, so it seems that you can beat down smoothly. But once you attack it you can not do anything, so click End Turn at the bottom right to end the turn.

Enemy's turn starts as soon as the end of turn. Archer of the opponent swings three dice, and if the total of the eyes that come out becomes 20, it attacks giving 9 points of damage. The total number of eyes of this dice is 16 ....

The attack ended until the attack 4 and the action ended. If there were even two or more dice on the next turn, the attack was established.

I do not want to be attacked here, but in the current state where only 6 damage can be given at the maximum, I can not be beat down. In the next turn, I'd definitely want to save it, so please rely on luck and click "Reroll".

Then, since the eyes of the dice changed to 5 and 1, next drag and drop the dice of 5 eyes to Tweaks ... ...

Click "+".

When the dice rolls to 6, drag and drop this dice to Sword and attack the enemy. The other HP's will be 1, so click "End Turn".

Although I got damaged as expected at the opponent's attack turn, the third dice in the next turn appeared. Drag and drop this dice to Sword and attack it. Then you can successfully defeat the enemy ... ...

I gained 1 gold and experience value 1.

Immediately after this, the necessary experience value up to the next level is displayed. In order to rise to level 2, it seems that 2 more experience values ​​are needed. Click "OK" to exit the screen.

Next, click on the treasure box on the map.

Then I got a shield of trees that I can use in battle. This item can set the eyes (maximum 4) which waved the dice during battle, and can prevent damage as many as the number of eyes that have appeared. Currently it is in a state where only the sword is equipped, so click "Equip it now" to equip it.

When you return to the map screen, try moving to the next floor. Click "Ladder" on the top.

Then I moved to the next floor. Since there is an apple in front, when you click on it and try it ......

HP recovered 4. In addition to getting items, HP recovery can fully recover by level up.

From here we could reach the shop by advancing the game while defeating the enemy ordinarily.

At the shop, you can purchase various kinds of weapons. For weapons being sold, weapons are also sold which give additional damage after direct attack, or we can not attack by stunning the opponent. In order to purchase weapons it is necessary to defeat the enemy and get money, so we need to think carefully about HP management and way of fighting along the way and Dicey Dungeons was impressed that it is a deep game.

Especially when I advance without thinking, HP becomes strict when reaching the 4th floor ... ...

At the end it got jiffy and it was game over. Although it seems that the game is cleared on the 5th floor clearly, I felt it was difficult to clear up unless I solidly do assembly on the way. Each floor is created at random, so you can enjoy different stages every time you start the game.

At the time of writing, Dicey Dungeons official version is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2018, and the schedule of releasing and releasing iOS version and Android version is undecided.

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