'Ring of Pain' play review that crisply captures the dungeon where irregularities and treasures sleep while choosing two cards on the left and right

' Ring of Pain ' is

a turn-based roguelike game where you can capture a randomly generated ring-shaped dungeon by simply selecting one of the two cards. The Ring of Pain, released in October 2020, reflects player feedback in the December 11, 2021 update , with system improvements, mid-save implementations, faster loading, and more. I heard that it became easier, so I actually played it.

Ring of Pain – A roguelike card game in a world distorted by your mind

You can see the atmosphere of the game by watching the following Ring of Pain announcement movie.

Ring of Pain --Release Date Trailer --YouTube

When you start the game, a warning about the processing of information is displayed first, so click 'Agree'. In addition, this time I am playing the PC version.

Click 'New Game' to start the game.

The first time will start with a system tutorial. In the Ring of Pain, you act by clicking on the displayed card. For example, you can attack the variant by clicking the following card that displays the enemy 'odd' in the game.

The damage calculation is very easy, the value obtained by subtracting the defense power of the opponent from the attack power. For example, in the battle with the following 'Rotten Hound', your attack power is 3 and your opponent's defense power is 1, so you can do 3-2 = 1 damage. On the other hand, the rotten hound's attack power is 4, its defense power is 2, and the rotten hound deals 1 penetration damage that ignores the defense power, so it takes a total of 4-2 + 1 = 3 damage.

Your attack and the enemy's attack are not processed at the same time, but the first attack and the second attack are decided.

As for the order of attacks, the one with the highest speed is the first to attack.

If you get hit by a strange shape and your physical strength becomes 0 ...

Of course the game is over.

Depending on the progress, the card may be released. When you click the keyhole displayed on the game over screen ...

A new card has been added. The released cards will appear in the dungeon from the next play.

The card disappears when you defeat the variant. You can exit the dungeon and move on to the next layer by clicking on the card that appears.

Some variants have a balloon icon at the top of the card. Click this balloon icon ...

A variant talked to me. The variants that appear in the dungeon are not always hostile.

Other cards will also have potions that can restore health.

The game starts when the tutorial is over. Basically, the cards are arranged in a ring as shown below, and two cards are displayed on the front. The player clicks either left or right to select an action. For example, if you click the treasure box displayed on the right below ...

It is possible to select and equip only one of the two equipment. Some of the equipment has higher stats ...

Some have special effects.

You can also raise your stats by selecting a card.

However, you can basically increase the ability only one type at a time, and you have to choose a card from three cards.

You can also get a soul value by defeating a variant. The soul value that can be obtained by defeating the variant is written in the upper left of the variant card, and the collected souls are displayed in the upper left of the screen.

There are some treasures that you can't get without collecting souls, so I want to defeat the odd shapes and collect souls firmly. However, the more you defeat the variant, the more powerful the variant will appear, so if you are too absorbed in collecting souls and defeat the variant, there is a high possibility that an insanely strong variant will stand up.

In this Ring of Pain, fighting a variant is not always the correct answer. Clicking on a variant card will bring you into battle, but you can click on the arrow next to the card to get through the variant. However, whether or not you notice the variant is determined by the probability of the stealth value in the lower left.

If it is found in a strange shape, it will be attacked.

Of course, if you don't notice it, you can do it without any damage.

Some enemies will chase after you even if you run away, or they will make a ranged attack. For example, the following variants have the property of causing an explosion at the time of death, and even if they are defeated, they will be damaged. Moreover, depending on the variant, even if you do it with all your might, it will chase after the player persistently.

The explosion hits the player and the variants around him. The damage is quite large, so I want to do it with as little damage as possible.

In the following scene, the odd-shaped card on the left has the explosion icon on the top glowing red. This means 'it will definitely explode on the next turn'. I don't want to take any damage, so click the arrow to the right of the gate card on the right to do it.

The cards in a circle rotate clockwise, the gate card on the right moves to the front left side, and the treasure card behind the gate card moves to the front right side. And the variant on the verge of blasting is self-destructing behind the card at the gate. If you are not in front of you, you will not be involved in the explosion damage, so you can escape from the explosion damage by daring to escape, and at the same time, you can also damage the irregular shapes around it.

In addition, since the variants on the verge of self-destruction are lined up in a row, you can also use the rough technique of teleporting to the exit using the items picked up in the dungeon.

Some of these exits lead to the next layer of the dungeon, while others lead to the mysterious event layer.

A room where you can dispose of the equipment while keeping the effect of raising the ability value of the equipment ...

A room where you can just talk to the mysterious darkness

Some rooms have lots of cute frogs and dogs.

In this 'between the companion and the animal', if you defeat all the frogs and dogs and then talk to the remaining variants ...

I was able to get an equipment called 'fur coat'.

Ring of Pain is characterized by its fast-paced gameplay, and is basically just a click away. However, even if you defeat the variant or run away from the variant, it becomes difficult to capture the dungeon, and the exquisite balance of 'defeating the variant and avoiding the enemy firmly in dangerous scenes' is played. What is required is a major feature of the Ring of Pain. In addition, there are many types of variants and equipment, and there are quite a lot of types of dungeons, so it is very unique, so it is also a point that replayability is very high. When you die, you die in a blink of an eye, so it's perfect for a casual play style such as 'Do you play only once before going to bed?' Also, there is almost no explanation at the beginning why I am in such a dungeon, but it is also the charm of the Ring of Pain that I can gradually consider from the strange conversation that I talk to in the middle.

The Ring of Pain is available in PC and Nintendo Switch versions, and the list price is 2050 yen including tax. However, it can be purchased for 1230 yen including tax until January 6, 2022.

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