Where is the apartment "Oporto Local Studios" with a spacious kitchen fully different from the hotel? I tried staying at around 7000 yen per night

As a traveling accommodation, it is common to stay at a hotel, but if you are a person who says "I just need to go to bed,"capsule hotelIf you are a person who wants to stay atMonastery, If you are seeking an experience unique to that placeBookstore to stay atYaLodgingYou can set your taste according to your needs, such as. Some facilities offering accommodation places take the form of "apartment" rather than "hotel", so how is it different from the hotel? I was concerned that I actually tried staying.

In Portugal's city Porto stayed.The most beautiful bookstore in the world "Livraria Lello"In the city where the old city area is "Historic Center of Porto"It is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Everywhere on the street there were scenes that would become pictures.

You can see what bookstore Livraria Lello is from the following article.

The world's most beautiful bookstore "Livraria Lello" had a different world like SF fantasy spreading - GIGAZINE

In Porto, even McDonald's was beautiful.

I went to the world's most majestic McDonald 'McDonald's Imperial' - GIGAZINE

"Accommodation location"Oporto Local Studios"Arrival in.

If you notify the arrival time to the inhabitants in advance by e-mail, etc., you can check in by the hotel person by ringing the doorbell. It was only at this time that I stayed face to face with the innkeiper for one night's stay.

As I go up the stairs ... ....

There was receptionist. Accommodation of apartment type has "apartment hotel" with reception and "apartment" like this time, Oporto Local Studios is "apartment" type, so this reception is unattended at normal times, concierge is now like hotel No.

Arrived in the room.

The key that was handed is the key of the building entrance and the key of the room. I will enter with one of the keys.

I stayed at "Superior Studio City View" with a size of 48 square meters. You can see the inside of the room from the following movies.

Porto's spacious apartment "Oporto Local Studios" looks something like this - YouTube

Prices vary according to the time, but when staying it was an adult 1 person / 7000 yen per night. When staying at a hotel abroad, the room is somewhat narrow so that the suitcase can not pass through the bed, so this space can be said to be luxurious at this price. There is a flat-screen TV next to the window ... ...

The sofa is affordable and the three people are likely to sit.

Aroma diffuser and radio next to the sofa. The diffuser smells a little if it approaches, but the room was too wide and there was almost no presence.

Since there are power strips with multiple outlets, charging of electronic equipment seems unnecessary first.

There is a queen size bed on the other side of the sofa.

Like this. A full-length mirror is hanging on the wall.

Night stand, artificial flower, clock on the side table.

Since there is an outlet in the back of the table, it was possible to charge the smartphone near the bed.

Looking at the room from another angle is like this.

There is a table and two chairs opposite the sofa. And behind that you can see the kitchen and closet.

This is the kitchen.

Two IH heaters.

Coffee and coffee makers that are free to drink are located ... ....

There is also a refrigerator.

I opened the door of the shelf and found a microwave oven. There were also cups and dishes.

Cutlery, corkscrew, pizza cutter too.

Because it was put up to the blender together with chopping board, it seems to be able to cook quite well. It can correspond also to those who want to make baby food with children.

A pot and a frying pan are also sliding. As breakfast etc are not attached, it is a thankful place to cook freely.

Sink looks like this ......

The trashcan was hidden under the sink.

Next to the bathroom ... ... and if you like the cuddly tiles of the floor tiles, you should be knocked out here first.

The wash basin next to the toilet was also very stiff design.

There is no bathtub and only shower. Amenity is also minimal, it is not necessarily "like a hotel" like a hotel with only a shampoo, so you need to take this area yourself. Bath towels and face towels were prepared for the towels.

There are also irons, ironing boards and hangers for clothes in the closet, so there is no problem even if there is a moment to make a crisp look.

Looking over the window ... ...

Colorful houses stand side by side, and I am surprised at how fashionable it is. Watching the beautiful streets, the feeling that the feeling that "I came to a foreign country" is beginning to rise.

Considering the price, it is considerably fulfilling facilities, it is possible to spend slowly in the room and cooking is possible, as if it were an apartment that you can relax like home, but the only neck is "there is no reception that will always respond." However, the emergency phone number is written on the information card in the room, so you can contact by SMS or phone. Wi-Fi is also free, so when you do not know something you need to search on the Internet, when you have the emergency you need power and communication skill to do something by yourself, but if problems do not occur it seems to be a significant meaningful time.

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